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Bought a double dozen for $20. Thought it was an incredible deal since I've heard good things about a few of Wilson's golf balls lately.   Right when I get home I get responses on another site saying how these things have a very high trajectory, don't spin well on greens and will run and run, and that they don't do much of anything.     I'm so ready to use these..   Guess I'll finish off my box of Gamer V2s and just have all of these in my bag for spares.. was...
Moving back would hit me mentally. A new look to the entire course.. plus if I start doing horrible.. people would question why the hell I was there in the first place.   Maybe I'll do it tomorrow morning..     Moving up, I feel like I would be cheating.. making it too easy.
I think I need a pair of the tighter fit shades. I have aviators and they are just not good for golfing. Unsure if I'll actually be able to make solid contact and focus though.. while wearing them.
Do you also think I laugh and am smug with waiters and waitresses?    I don't mind them being cart girls, or cart girls being an actual position. Just think the fake personality and sometimes revealing clothes to try and influence myself or others is ridiculous.    But all of you can enjoy!
Think you're reaching for that one. Never once said anything close to that.
Because I don't buy a drink from them? Not sure I understand the attempted jab.
  Would be a better sarcastic jab if you were part of the initial discussion. 
71.3/126 6495yds.   I chose 'most rounds'. It's horrible how slow people are and how inconsiderate they are. Waiting on a group of 4 all 3 putting and taking time to line up every single putt even though they can never hit it..  at the tee box for 5 minutes, I think you all know the drill.
I bet it has to do with duffed shots and poor 100yd in game. Take each shot..one shot at a time. Be patient and focus. I know when i get careless and too casual i eff up.
Yeah I bring my own goods.
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