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More calm. Peaceful. Less rushed. One with the course.   It makes sense, and I agree.   When I use a cart.. I feel so rushed and out of sync. Hit.. get in the cart and drive fast to the ball, get out, pick a club, hit, get in the cart, drive fast to the ball, get out, club, hit. etc etc..   I love walking.
  Not a fan of fake people. So I don't really try to encourage it.  Plus I think cart girls are a joke, for the most part. Depending on how they carry themselves and act.    I don't need that sort of interaction.
My status is rising, and the thread/post production is booming. I expect recognition in no time.
Sun-wise.. I am still able to get a round in before 7:10ish pm, which it then gets too dark.   Weather-wise.. the Chicago winds have just been unbearable lately.. and really killing my ability to play effectively and enjoy my rounds. The weather has been up and down.. but I'm really hoping I can play at least til mid-November.   Global Warming.. do your worst.
I hope it's not over for me.. I still have a lot of golf left in me!   When are you guys calling it.
I have played with countless people. I have yet to know what brand putter any of them used. Not a single one. And unless I'm being snoopy and looking near their bag.. i wont know their wedges either.
I have a grey Puma hat I've had for a year or so.. not a golf hat.. just one with it's logo on it. When I wear it to the course, I get comments like, "Oh are you Rickie Fowler" "Fowler fan?" "Where are your orange pants"   So.. needless to say, I don't wear it anymore. 
Divots aren't new to the game.. and how long has golf been around? And they have never changed this rule? Sounds like it is fine as is.
I tip with a smile. 
Golf Smith had a clearance hat sale so i was seeing what i should do. Because those Cleveland hats are ugly. Guess I'll grab the white Nike one. 20X1 or Taylor made 211. Both look good.
New Posts  All Forums: