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Yes. It's quite a course. So is Maxfli not a good brand? Golfsmith has a lot of used clubs..but I really am unsure what to look for.
I think Dick's Sporting Goods has a pack of 6 yellow balls. Spongebob Squarepants to be exact.   Enjoy.
in the cold, do you feel more stiff while you play? wonder if that's a risky choice.. pulled muscles, etc.
Ah, nice. I was hoping to find someone on here local.
I'll wear the collared shirts.. but I will not tuck it in. Have no idea why there would be an issue.   I will continue to wear white/khaki shorts, even ones with cargo type pockets. I'm not on the tour.. and I'm not here to impress anyone. You will get to see more pastel/khaki colors on the golf course, you're welcome.   I will continue to wear my nike 'livestrong' shoes pretending they are golf shoes.  They're clean as can be, comfortable, and can easily blend...
It is extremely hot here in Illinois as well. Twilight hours are my only hope.. unfortunately while trying out a new swing for my driver.. I messed up my left shoulder pretty bad and the soreness and "tear" i feel has me sitting out for a few weeks.     Just do a 9 hole round here and there.. don't leave it completely.
My new driver. Beautiful in my eyes. a 9 instead of a 10 [or the 11 in the store] it has a "lite" sticker on the head.. not sure what that means.   Then a Maxfli C3 wide faced putter. looks similar to this one.. cant really get a pic of it right now... but very pleased with it.. my bag is basically complete.. maybe a new wedge will be next.. 56degree or so.
I just focus on making sure my swing is smooth and in line.. its amazing how "like butter" a hit is when you don't aim to just crush the ball. I love it. I'm definitely a better golfer because of it..no longer afraid of going to the range as well.
Went to the range last night.. been really working on my swing and posture to get consistency out of my game and accuracy.   Bought a 100 ball basket.. got about 10 into it.. and tried something I "learned" from this forum.. [the tip where you drive having your ball near your left foot (im right handed) and swing your hips toward the target point in your downswing on impact]   as I did this.. I really messed up my shoulder and I couldn't even get the ball...
New here obviously but not super new to golf. 6'1" and average build. Have every swing and club down but my driver; It's truly irritating. Of course the driver is a 10yr old Walmart club that is probably extremely poor..was never able to hit with it. Have a set of nice ironset + 5,4,3fairway woods Maxflis C3s I got from Dicks Sporting Goods. Good deal and feel great. Been lurking and feel its time to chime in and give/take from this forum. I hit my irons beautifully.....
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