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I think I need a hat.. my poor scalp.    Do you all only choose a hat that matches your gear? I don't want to look like a doofus.    Is it a loyalty thing? Stick with your brand? Or just.. whatever looks good?
Depends on your putter face.. and ball cover, but yes, of course different balls react differently.   I've been changing putters and balls lately. It's really messing up my green game.. just stay consistent with your tools and ball, and it'll be good.
  I retired my driver for a good while since I just could not hit it no matter what I did.. wicked slice.. so I've settled with teeing off with my 3-hybrid.. ha..    Today I went out with my girl, played 18.. and decided.. "you know what.. I'll put my money where my mouth is, it's Stack and Tilt time. Let's do this."   Straightened the back leg.. bent the front.. made sure a good amount of weight was in the front, and let a rip.   Incredible straight drives 90% of the...
That's some crazy stuff. I've yet to see anyone do such a thing to the greens, even the fairway. Only time I've seen someone strike the ground with their club is in the rough, as they know it isn't that tragic.   Those two situations would definitely put me out of the mood completely. I've played with pissed off, bad round players.. but none ever took it out on the course, but yes.. it just makes the entire round awkward. No courtesy for your playing partners or...
It's a valid post. Unless someone just wants to waste time and pretend other people will care about written out descriptions of 18 holes.. I don't see a reason for this.   What are we suppose to do with this information? Oh hole 3 is a short par 4? Alright, good to know.
I'm not really sure the point of this is, no offense ha.    Are we suppose to just visualize what holes people play? Not sure why anyone would care about this information.    Now saying whether you wear pants or shorts.. that's something to discuss.
All about feel. Once you find one you're done. Price means nothing unless you have an ego. My old past down from generation to generation putter has the feel i care for and his the ball..no excuses. I agree with the old man. But this is golf. Status and image plays a big part unfortunately.
These par 3's are the best. Gives you a taste of what the pros have to deal with during some of their long par 3s.    Another obstacle in golf for you? Sounds like a fun opportunity. 
Not sure how anyone can hit the yellow Srixon balls. They look so beautiful. 
Drive pass my gas station this morning. $3.88   Leave work later that day. $4.28
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