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Not wearing pants is the same reason i can't wear a jacket or long sleeves.. I just feel so constricted and tight. I need to be free while swinging and going for it all.
Yes please clarify ha..    As you can see in my sig, I have the 3/4/5 hybrid. I don't even touch the 4.. it's pointless. But I love the 3 and 5. Just practice with it and it'll be a dream. DON'T TOP THE BALL.
To Topic:   No.
I'm all shorts all the time. Get my tan on. Even with chilly weather I go shorts. Ex-soccer player made my legs immune to the cold.
You can do whatever you want. Just have 14 clubs in your bag. The way you explain the situation it is very confusing... but I think I understand what you're trying to get at.   A 60 and 58 can basically do the same thing. So just stick with the 60.     53*, 60*, and hybrid. Problem solved!
More excuses to pull out your cellphone? No thank you.   Not a bad idea by the way. If maybe the carts themselves had their own device where you could order a drink/snack and have it delivered to you at a certain hole. 
You can put whatever you want in your bag. Rather 56 than 60 though. 52 and 60 seem distant.
Lead. Would be able to play it safe if I wanted to.. instead of HAVING to go for it to catch up to the leader. 
Welcome to the.club. yep.. chipping and putting..quickest way to cut the score.
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