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My 6 iron goes 180 (low average). I then have hybrids.. so...
I always miss short. But I'm good at reading the breaks, etc. Just need to be more confident and go for it.
Was able to test out a few balls today.. as i found them during play. Noodle Long n Soft - soft and long.. heh. But was too easy to hit for me.. felt like nothing. Wont buy. Nxt Tour - Pretty great ball.. deserves some love. Performed really well..irons and woods and on green. Would buy. Gamer V2 - Still my gamer :) Prov1 - Good hitting it.. but I just can't spend that kind of money. Won't buy. D2 Feel - Better than the Noodle.. worse than the Gamer V2. Would buy...
  Great point. One round I was playing poor with my Bridgestone E6's.. decided to pull out one of the Noodle Ice balls I had from a gag gift.. hit it right down the middle beautifully, got birdie on a par 5. You can feel a difference for sure.. but if you're hitting well... you're hitting well no matter what ball you use.
Tee time at 8:53am tomorrow. Will be interesting as it will be my first whole round without using my driver at all. Just can't hit it at all once it got a new shaft.    A bit worried.. really need my irons to step up and my chipping/divots to really be crisp.
After plenty of rounds with this new shaft.. it's the absolute worst.    It definitely doesn't fit my swing.. my speed.. or my game. It's too stiff, and the whole club just feels off. The head itself, compared to the shaft.. is light and crap.   Plan on just putting a head cover on this thing and never using it again. Will sell it asap.    Callaway really screwed me. I was hitting so well before the break, great drives, great everything. I'm broke for clubs...
I'll take it in a few years. 
Do you use a glove? Maybe the grip is just too small for your hands.
Really shouldn't be turning his wrists.
I love that club as well. Looks so antique and just beautiful. Unfortunately I'll never be able to afford one. 
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