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I have a 9*. 95 swing speed. Ball definitely doesn't get as high as you would be used to.. but I get plenty of distance and have no issues with distance or clearing any hazards and whatnot.   Saying that.. if I could buy another driver with a higher degree.. I would in a heartbeat. 
You got a new Callaway driver in 2 days? Amazing shipping.   Took them about 2 weeks just for me to get mine.
Of course. Thing everyone is aware of it.   Luck, skill, who you know, who you blow, good business, have a personality most others don't, persistence.. and so on.   Millions of people in the world.. these [actor/athlete/etc] spots have to be filled by someone. So.
Why would someone need the dvd? Seems like all you do is keep your back leg straight, bend the front leg, and let a rip.
Looks really good to be fair. I'm sure you've learned more than just that in two lessons as well. Keep going!
All I can offer is Lost Golf Balls pretty much has the market. To beat them you will have to make it worthwhile for customers to jump ship. Honesty in ranking ball condition would be the biggest issue to me. Customers will voice their opinions all over the internet if they pay for top condition balls and get sold some scrapers. Bad public opinion can kill your business. Good luck. 
I feel like if I don't tee off using my Driver when it's not a par 3.. then I'm, in a way, not playing correctly. And almost cheating, or cheating myself. 
Ahh, good to know. Thanks a lot. I'm sure I'll need this info next time I go out ha
Waste of a thread, was just looking for a simple reply since this one ran its course.
Putter, 8 Iron, 5Hybrid.
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