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Giving away your old clubs? :)
Close your legs.
Thread hijack.   I played yesterday and my ball landed on the cart path, right smack dab in the middle of the path.   Free drop or no?   Also, free or not, where should I have dropped it?
  Plus with this.. even if it doesn't go as far as you imagine.. at least it's a smooth swing and you don't look like a fool digging at the ground and shanking irons.
Sometimes it's not our fault!   Seriously, yesterday morning I hit a wonderful 2nd shot on a par 5.. landed on fairway.. I drive up to where the ball landed.. GONE. Had no idea where it went.    Maybe the hot sun was affecting my sight while looking for a white ball.. but yes.. lost a perfectly good ball after looking for 5 minutes.    Depressing :(.     To be fair though.. I'm really bad at following my ball during flight.. so many times I'm like 10-15 yards past or...
Sometimes when i layup i cant even do that properly. Ha.
How? Seem to do the same thing.
Gamer V2s. $20 bucks.. three piece.ball.. Walmart.. Dicks.. or Sports Authority.Im sure youre losing ur balls off the tee. Or with poor iron hits. Not because of lack of spin on the greens.
Hybrids are just majestic. I hit mine so well. Fairway woods seem strange.. no idea how u all hit those things off a flat surface. Like a driver without a tee. I'm sure destroy the ground around me or slice away.
Paul Wilson.. I've been watching his videos on youtube as well. To cure my slice.. because I'm really stiff and all arms instead of using my hips to turn. Resulting in.. what I didn't really know.. an out to in swing. Which we all know turns into a ridiculously bad slice.   I just can't get that swing plane figured out on the consistent basis. 
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