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My Goal for 2014: Get back to game; couldn't do much due to getting marry and dislocate shoulder....ouch!! 
Hi guys,   I'd like to join in if not too late....   I'm a tournament coordinator for my company and had contact Black gold before....the rate was $90/ player. It's same price for Talega as well....   But these rates are from last year so they might have changed it....   Regards,  
+1   Fort Collins Rocks!!
Many thanks to Mike and Erik and all others to make this happened. My partner and I had so much fun during our round with Lihu and his son, Kaili (you're GOOD! Keep it up kid).   It was my pleasure to meeting you all as well. I'm already looking forward to next outing!  
Sooooo tempting.......   I'll see you all tomorrow!!!!
Opps, this was to Lihu....
Don't worry, I'll be the killer..... Having a BIG problem with slice lately...or since start playing this game.... My partner and I will be there around 7 so we can meet in the bar?
Adam Scott -11 Luke Donald -8 Bill Haas -10
........no one said anything like that......did they??
Shot 82 today but it was an easy course... 69% Fairways and 56% GIR...need to improve that!   Overall very nice round, for me, but 38 putts!!!   
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