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Are you gonna switch to 69? I'm waiting for the 64s to come to my shop then I'll most likely buy them or the 69s.
It's not a textbook swing, it's one of the most controversial swings of the better players on the PGA. I'm not saying it's bad but it's not a swing you could just copy without having a lot of problems and to make many compensations. He does his compensations well that's why he hit the ball well.   About the Mcilroy vs Tiger I voted Tiger. As some said above he is more consistent and eventhough he hasn't won any major this year his name has been a lot on the leaderboard...
  There's not one key that will make you hit incredible golf shots like the pro's. But fixing the most critical flaws step by step will eventually get you to a good distance with a nice consistency. I increased my distances from 8i with an average of 120 yards to about 150-160 yards average this year, it didn't happen all at once but step by step.   These were the most important flaws I fixed or atleast improved in random order:   Steeper shoulder turn More centered over...
Team USA:   Brandt Snedeker       Bubba Watson       Dustin Johnson       Jason Dufner       Jim Furyk       Keegan Bradley       Matt Kuchar       Phil Mickelson       Steve Stricker       Tiger Woods       Webb Simpson     Zach Johnson
  My guess: Bad read 40% - You can't aim much wrong to miss the put. Wrong speed 40 % - If the ball speed is not what they planned with the read, the ball is not going in and it's quite hard to put to an exact spot everytime.  Face not square: 15 % - Mistakes happens. Wrong swing path: 5% - every swing is not perfect but I bet most guys has a very repeatable swing path.
This is my recommendation. First make sure you putt on the intended line and aim your clubface square to where you aim. This can be done with an elevated string on a flat slope, make sure you can make the ball roll under the string, make a gate with two pegs at the beginning of the string so you make sure the ball starts where you want. Then try it with some break and notice how much you have to aim outside the cup to sink the putts. With break the ball starts under the...
Thanks for the encouragement I need this in times when the handicap isn't going down =).   The left wrist hinge might be a problem yes. But I think the main problem is the roll of the wrists. Check this pic.       My knuckles or the back of the hand in the left hand is pointing more to the sky while luke's back of the left hand is more visible from backview and points more to the right. It should be and easy fix next time at the range hopefully :).
As you might have noticed this thread was about that he has a  high clubface speed but doesn't deliver that to the ball, and much likely it's because of the flipping. My film is just an exaggeration, call it a feeling, that hopefully will make him not flip so much and lose all speed before impact.
I think you should really only focus on getting rid of that flipping Ajlepisto, it's your Nr1 priority. This problem is what I think wrist related so you don't have to focus on anything else than that imo. What you'll need to do to not flip is a flat left wrist at impact, how do you fix that? Well the best way for me was to get the right wrist cupped at impact and try to hold it cupped thru the hit.    I made a little film, the right wrist is exaggerated a lot but...
Htting of mats is as good as hitting from grass. Grass on range is not really optimal either because on course there are  many different conditions, downhill uphill etc, not on range. It's just training and it will make you better if you try to fix your weaknesses.
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