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if I go out as a single I will play a goat pasture (G.C.) usually they are open and cheap not the best of fairways but playable, they tend to challenge you on ball placement (yes I am a hack) but it does help me. I stay away from the munis unless it is twilight, btw this weekend is day light savings. going to start playing during the week after work (sorry to rub dirt in wound for you northern folks)
whats the green fee's, we are spending the night and playing one more place sunday
Colo Vista GC is another one in bastrop, going to play it in 2 weeks
canyon springs northside on 1604. republic, military drive. quarry GC. olympia hills. and many more most are priced reasonable, la cantara around $125 most others $30- $70
GD I would not complain compared to the drought you all have endured, btw tee time 8:07 Saturday partly sunny 77 deg. just sayin
going out on a office outing this afternoon 67 degrees  sunny..........
playing RiverHills C.C. in Corpus Christi tx tomorrow lots of elevation changes, greens are hard to read as long you know where the river is (breaks to the water) and damn you look at it and you would swear it breaks the other way hopefully break  100 and not any windows temps low 70's
opening the truck door and a tee or two will fall out or a golf ball that was stashed in the door pocket or handle   Boss asks "well how many tee times do you have this week"   Wife asks the same question!   Kids mention "Dad you still playing golf you suck" LMFAO   have a bucket of balls in the front yard and back yard with a pitching wedge. also same at the ranch house.   hunting season comes around, you have both guns and clubs just in case it gets boring.
corpus christi tx around $27 twlight $40 weekdays and weekends w cart, new port dunes $100 plus, a couple of goat pasture within 30+- miles $20 ish with cart. playing in san antonio next couple of week ends any where from $40 to $70, la cantara or semi privites $100 on up
yea ever since they was bought out the green fees went up. they used to have twilight at $40 ish now it's $65 or so.
New Posts  All Forums: