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usually we have a good breeze that cools you down, plus early morning tee times a must 6:30 or not much later than 9 am
just adding a little more depression to all you that are freezing your nalgas off. tee time Saturday 7:50 am,  highs that day partly sunny 68 degrees,
had to check that out, looks like they are going through a remodel. even hyatt hill country had some good offers on golf now. have a golfing buddy whom also works for us, till the end of the month is moving to SA lucky bast**d.
when I received the e-mail I said what, usually its a late morning tee time, today la cantera resort 11:30 tee time $34
S.A I has a bunch of tracks to play, go to golf now and play for $29 palmer course @ la cantera or other between $19- $30 with cart. damn wished I lived in the area. .
we play Thursday evenings, the one thing that pisses me off is they pick up the flags at 8 and the sun has not set still bright and there are several groups on the course.
it would not matter to me I would hit those ****ing trees 70 or so yards out (get the chain saw)..........3h then 9i or pitching wedge.........3 putt  ppppffftttt
playing from the white tee, driver gets me 210 hopefully, close to H, then a full pitching wedge 80ish yrds land it pin high 2 putt for par. (yea right)
golf courses that do not have trees the sport would be boring I hate trees because I am constantly battling them, fairway what's a fairway when you have trees. I have to laugh sometimes I could have one small over hanging limb with leaves on it and  80% of the time I will hit the damn thing.
meh.... played San Antonio Quarry GC March 16th cold front blew in that night 40+winds when we started. on a par 4 hole 7 has an elevated green, probably the highest part of the course, on the green putting into the wind if you did not make it to the hole the wind blew the ball right back at you, also you had to lean into the wind, what a time.
New Posts  All Forums: