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That's a good point there. I usually do make bets in casual rounds I just dont really get antsy about it.
I think it is a little adrenaline too. My handicap would actually be a little better if I took out tournament rounds haha. But wouldn't all of ours.
Yes, I do feel like there's more tension and I know that because I pull really short shots and whenever I'm tense I do that.
I'll look into the books. I do feel like there just a road block like I have to play good in every tournament and I have to get over it.
Yes I agree. It just sometimes is very frustrating but that's golf I guess. I just seem to get more down on myself than casual rounds.
I need some advice! I cannot for the life of me "score" in tournaments. I just graduated high school and I am going to college to play golf. In my casual rounds I score really well. I average 3 birdies a round and get up and down right at 83%. I hit 10-11 fairways and in the range of 10-13 greens. But in tournaments I feel like the hole is super small and I only hit about 5 fairways and 7-9 greens and my ud% goes way down. My putts are about the same in each. I just need...
Ahhhh, golf rules, don't you love them.
75, 78, 79, 82. Still mediumly disappointed as my mental game blows. I wish I could put it all together once.
76 and 81 on a 71.9 rated course but plays much much MUCHHHH tougher. Couldn't buy a putt and 3 doubles each round didn't hurt. 4 birds on first round and 1 on second.
Thanks! I will get more videos this weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: