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Now I'll even give you the stats my professional coach has on me and everything to prove that this isn't some sort of thought up concoction.
I kid you not. Played a scramble last Saturday and won with 16 under. Me, my dad, my friend and his dad. Probably a 4, 16, 4, and 6 handicap in order. We had no mulligans and no string just a straight up scramble. We were -9 on the front with a par and -7 on back with 2 pars.   Next day played in a 3 man scramble with a guy and lady. Probably a 20 and 30+ handicap no joke and we shot a -12. I hit probably 10 approaches to 10 or less feet and hit all the par 5s in two. No...
That was my first thought! Haha! Bushnell is really good to my college in terms of equipment. I think it's gonna be $160 plus tax
And I made a spreadsheet of my GIR and FIR and this is what I found. Did this to help myself find weaknesses and strength. F= Fairway G= Green   F par 5- 51% F par 4- 41% G par 5- 73% G par 4- 62% G par 3- 61% G x<100- 84% G 100-125 74% G 125-150 68% G 150-175 59% G 175-200 57% G 200-225 45% G 225-250 31% G 250+ 11% Now believe me or not but my irons are the absolute best part of my game and if I'm 125+ I always go for the center of the green. I usually...
I agree didn't think about that. I was thinking 25% ended up in rough.
 Oh, I'd say maybe 4 inches back. Yes same shaft. I mean I can get both of those clubs about 7-8 yards farther but I don't really try too.I swing my wedges a little harder but not much.
I did check and they actually do! I can get the V3 for something like 125 less than retail which is awesome.
Both brand new Vokeys purchased last winter. Grips changed in March, and yes they are fitted both 1/2 longer and toe is 2 degrees up. I do not hit it much higher, I hit all my irons relatively high with a lot of carry. I am pretty sure I don't flip but I'll check it out on film tomorrow. I play both about four balls off my back foot too.
I agree. Tiger seems like a cool guy.
My 58 goes 100 and my 54 goes 130 and I am not sure why.
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