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Being my first summer working at a private club as a bag boy, and browsing these threads before looking for information and not being able to find what I am looking for, I am creating this thread with a questionnaire for you guys since I am thinking about bouncing around clubs in my college summer days. Please add on the price of the round and the state it was in unless you are comfortable name dropping! Also feel free to expound on answers with reasons as to why you...
Went from a 2.6 to 2.2
77 at the Golf Club of Indiana. 72.3 CR. Played actually poorly. Only hit 5 fairways but 11greens. Bogeyed all par 3s but one was a bird
These are some super interesting stories!
oh I gotcha. I've never been lower than 32, a few times at my home course on the front, par 37. Then actually yesterday on the back of my colleges course, par 35.
hell the press would be in a frenzy if Tiger goes 66-68 to make the cut then 72-64 to place top 5
I am looking for a hybrid to replace my old one and I need one within the next week to get through this year. Any suggestions on some older 2012-2014 model hybrids? What are you using and how do you like it? If anyone has any they'd sell dm me!
You stopped after 9 with that score???? That's a tough course! Really like it though!
Just wanting to hear about your guy's amazing rounds for yourself personally both casual and competitive! Doesn't matter if it's a 65 or a 95, I want to hear about it! What made it so special? If you remember your stats include them and what the par was! A rough format should be like this and you should include some round info!   Lowest tournament round Lowest casual round What you remember most about it   Here's mine!   Lowest tournament - 71. Final round of the...
Revision today put me from a 3.6 to a 2.6. Really been seeing some improvement in my short game since the summer has started. Want to get it down to about a 1.0 by the time winter is here.
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