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Both brand new Vokeys purchased last winter. Grips changed in March, and yes they are fitted both 1/2 longer and toe is 2 degrees up. I do not hit it much higher, I hit all my irons relatively high with a lot of carry. I am pretty sure I don't flip but I'll check it out on film tomorrow. I play both about four balls off my back foot too.
I agree. Tiger seems like a cool guy.
My 58 goes 100 and my 54 goes 130 and I am not sure why.
Most disappointing hole of my summer tournament season by far. Leading a Pepsi event at Terre Haute Country Club, came up to hole 14 leading by 4 shots. Was -3 at that time. Par 5, OB left about 20 yards into the rough, small fairway and a huge tree right off the tee box that would catch anything that was pushed or hit high. 1st shot Driver pull hook ob, 3rd Driver pull hook ob, 5th 4-iron pull hook ob, 7th 3wood punch just to finally get it out there had about 400 yards...
True but still. You think pros from that range wouldn't miss their spot so badly that they miss the green.
Thank you guys! All of the advice has really helped! I've shot 13 straight rounds under 76 using the advice on here!
Season starts next week so I'll probably go and get the Bushnell V3 since that's the best one. And yes @Ernest Jones my distances are pretty spot on but I'm not really a 5.6 anymore I'm down around a 4 now. haha
Crazy that Henrik Stenson only hits the green 75% of the time from 75-100 yards.
Not bashing it, but rugby is more entertaining to me than football. They can actually touch each other and stuff.
My iron set is just 4-9. I actually have a 47,54, and 58 vokey
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