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I actually work at a course with a Taylormade rep he says that I am SOL.
I'm really thinking about just creating my own club and buying single parts for it.
I have called 4 times to review options, I have been very understanding and polite. Two said warranty was up so I was SOL, one guy said I may be able to get it replaced, one gave me his personal email and told me to send pictures.  Not many rocks on a tee box. That's my doubt. I figure I'll pick up a demo at the course I work at and use it.
Playing a practice round for a tournament on Monday, I hit a drive with my Taylormade R11S driver and the head cracked like this. All of my ball marks are center of the face and it is not beat up at all besides the alignment stick marks on the head. It was a warranty club for another driver that cracked on the shaft. The crack has let all the air out of the head and it is dead as a doorknob now. Any advice on how to deal with this or similar situations, I know now I will...
I hate playing alone. Playing by myself is boring unless I'm there to work on things. I like competitive golf and play a ton of tournaments, so when I'm by myself there is nothing to compete against. I play for free on a course I live on so I mean it's not a lost cause. Usually by myself I'll hit four or five balls to a green and not even finish a hole sometimes.
Hole 12, playing 150 with about a 8 mph left to right wind, green slopes left to right. Pin was in front decided to hit a choke down baby draw with a 9 which would hopefully cut the wind off. Hit it dead perfect and the divot was 3 inches behind the hole rolled out to about a foot and a half for a tap-in bird. 6 birds 5 bogeys on the day for for a 71. This was by far the best and almost a great bday present.
Conference went decently. 79-77 the first weekend and way more the second weekend. On to the summer schedule.
Hole 15, round 2 of 4 of conference on Sunday. Probably about a 450 par 4, was crushing my driver all day and decided to get a little extra out of it and hooked it. I was on a downslope but not much of one, ball rested in all mud under a tree. Taking my stance there was a tree directly in front of me and another dead in my line if I were to hit at the pin, mind you I was +6 at this time so 90% of the time I would punch out and looking at the shot I had to hit I figured...
Well yesterday was a shitter. shot a 40-41 for an 81 to tie for 46th out 82. As a team we placed 4th out of 13 at Oak Brook Golf Club in Chicago. Started my day of my literally not making one putt on the practice green and not hitting one solid shot besides my wedges on the range. First hole was a par 5 and almost holed out for eagle but tapped in for par, bogeyed the next par 3 because my tee shot settled right into a hole in the fringe and when i putted it it hopped...
it is definitely a short nice starting hole. I think I've had 3 at least that I can remember eagles in competition.
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