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Yeah, no kidding.   I had never had a double-bogeyless round before so I hit my 4 foot sideways bogey putt really firm and it lipped out. Ended up missing the come back putt too for a 4-putt 7. 
You would probably have to be top 200 in the world to be making 6 figures playing golf. Top 100 to be living "comfortably" I would imagine. 
42. Personal best. 5 pars, 3 bogeys, and one triple. 
Overall goal for golf is to become a scratch player. I feel like at this point, you've "beaten" the game of golf.    Goal for this season is to break 85. I have a solid swing and good length, but like Mr. McIlroy my misses cost me dearly. 
Stripes are long, narrow, and straight - like the path of an ideal golf shot. 
Uh yeah, Sergio and Tiger were in an argument which is why the question was asked in the first place. One can argue with a black guy without being racist.    Also, everyone has a filter, or do you just say whatever comes out of your mouth without thinking about it first? People are a product of their environment - some people are born in a racist environment (speaking generally here, not necessarily about Sergio) and subconsciously have racist thoughts that they cannot...
A racist is someone who believes one race is superior to another. Sergio's remark was a stereotype, but it wasn't racist - unless you make the argument that liking fried chicken makes one inferior to someone who doesn't.    Saying "We'll serve him friend chicken" COULD be racist if the undertone is something like "Because black people are of a lower class and intelligence they prefer fried chicken over "higher class" foods."     I really doubt that's what Sergio...
I used to sneak on to the golf course in the late afternoon as a kid; we lived right next to hole 4. Also I'm going to have to agree with the general sentiment regarding Duke in this thread.
46 through 9. New personal best. 
The backup player link in the confirmation email. Looks like the english commentary stream is still down though. 
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