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I knew it started early next week. Didn't feel like looking it up again. Warren Zevon, thanks for the video. I thought it was a fair race at first, but after a rewind the defensive player clearly had the control. Hybrid icing could have prevented THAT one, but I didn't have a good angle to judge. He could have had his stick in his skates by the time the refs blew the whistle.
As a lifetime Wings fan I prefer as classical of rulings as possible. I don't particularly care for the hybrid icing as I enjoy the race for the touch up, but less injuries is always a plus. I haven't seen any injuries in touch ups though, can someone give an example? Also, if the ref calls icing sooner that should give at least 30 seconds a game of more in possession time. I feel I'm being conservative with that estimate. I also wish to add...hockey season starts...
You can have hybrid icing, but take away the trapezoid.
Thanks everyone. I'll be inquiring about maintenance jobs as soon as the tour championship is over. I'm not doing this to play more, caniac6, hopefully once or twice a week isn't far-fetched. It attracts me because my other college options were biology or chemistry. Being more practical, less lab intensive, and combining chemistry, biology, and golf, it's a perfect fit. I do remember reading somewhere that jobs were expected to increase through 2021 or so.
Thanks for the reassurance meenman. I'm going over to a friends house for football tomorrow and I'll definitely send some emails to local courses. Speaking of realistic, the PGA tour is my fallback option in case superintendent doesn't work out.
I have had aspirations to become a superintendent in the last year or two, and would like to hear some opinions on if I'm approaching it correctly. Right now I'm on the tee box with no clubs, and by that I mean I have no golf industry experience on my résumé. (I'm 20 y.o. so I still have time) I plan to send an inquiry letter, email, or both to all local golf courses explaining my interest. Consulting a local super also seems to be a valuable asset. I know they work long...
Played my bud's 172g champion boss today. Never threw a disc that far in my life! Finally made two par 4's on my home course birdie-able. Once I go to disc nation for a new disc I'll compare the lace and boss side by side. (They have a driving range to test before you buy ). It's a pretty looking disc from what I've seen!
I almost won a long drive comp against my buddies today with my buzzz throwing it for ~300 ft. Playing my buddies destroyer, ape, and boss,I'm leaning towards purchasing the boss. Should help me get to the basket sooner when we play from the tips. Avenger SS is my fastest disc at the moment.
 Sweet jesus. I have 4 discs! Looking to get a 13 speed driver soon. Being in the Metro Austin area, we have like 20 courses within 45 minutes from me. I read your post in the disc golf group. Any luck getting a course built nearer to you?
I recently moved to Texas for a fresh start and left most of my clubs in Michigan. Got into disc golf as it's cheaper to start fresh and most courses around Austin are free. Just wondering if we have some fellow disc golfers on the forum? Austinites are encouraged to share!
New Posts  All Forums: