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I have an older set of Titleist DCI golds. I bought a regrooving tool from golfsmith for about $15-$20 and used it on all my irons. I could tell a difference on the spin and stopping. Beware though, the sharper the grooves the more it will tear up the ball cover.
Alright this will be the 3rd time I've revised this. I think this is the final revision.   1) Play 18 holes at least twice a week 2) Practice effectively at least 3 times a week 3) Sharpen all aspects of game from tee to green 4) Become more consistent 5) Drop HC to lower single digit
Played the Hugo Golf Club - 69.2/118 Today was the first 18 holes since October 27, 2012 and I shot a 90. The front nine was ok, shot 41. Putting was pretty good. The back nine was another story, 49. My short game around the greens left the course. Off the top of my head I can remember 7-9 horribly flubbed chips that cost strokes. I was using a ball I have never used, Nike PD Soft. Someone told me to play a softer compression ball due to the colder weather. I'm...
Had both instances happen a few times. No fun. I've thought of keeping a small book or a magazine in my golf bag. That way instead of focusing on how frustrating slow play is, I can just hit the "pause" button.
Look forward to playing tomorrow. I played 7 holes before it got too dark to see. Was doing really well, then came the "blow up" hole. My nemesis, 2 par 3's back to back. I'm not good with my long irons. Tomorrow, at the suggestion from a respected buddy who shoots under par a lot, I'm gonna leave my Driver and woods at home. I'm gonna put myself in a position to have to work these clubs out.
A buddy of mine who has honed his game to the mini tour point told me to get a old MB 3 iron and learn how to consistently hit it pure. He says when you can hit that pure every time, you can hit anything.....
Welcome. I believe you will enjoy the site,I have.
So I paid the yearly membership fee yesterday at the local golf club. $480 = unlimited golf and use of facility (cart not included) Here's the updated 2013 goals list:   1) Play at least twice a week 2) Practice effectively at least 3 times a week 3) Sharpen my game around/ on the green 4) Drop HC to a lower single digit 5) Play in State Amateur Tournament
Stolen clubs = $0.00 Balls found on course = $0.00 Sneaking onto the golf course = $0.00   Being incarcerated for larceny and trespassing = 1 year in county and 3 years supervised probation, plus $5000 in fines.....     PRICELESS !!!! (This was meant to be a joke)   In this past year I've spent a little over $1000. In January of 2013 I plan to get a 1 year membership ($450). Carts not included. I'll probably spend a little more this year, but I doubt...
The short game is the most important part of the game.
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