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Completely empathize with you, I'm feeling almost as frustrated with my driver at the moment. Good luck!
When you're having trouble pushing the ball, what are some feels you work on?
Yeah, I remember years ago, Tiger talking about how it is actually an attribute, just like having power or anything else, to be able to practice so much without wearing down. This was during the year Vijay was winning everything and he was talking about why he can't practice as much as Vijay. I guess resilience is the attribute he was referencing.
Thanks, I feel like the lower flight is more accurate for me to, mainly with the driver and shorter clubs.
What is your ball flight looking like? What is your ideal ball flight? I should clarify, I meant the trajectory.
This is anecdotal, but I played with a guy today who had a perfect pendulum stroke. His tempo had almost a slight pause at the top and he was a wonderful putter. The thing that stood out was that he didn't strike me as a naturally gifted putter, he just developed a stroke that observed the rules Erik mentioned.
Thanks Motley and Saevel
When I read his round summaries he seems to be scrambling all the time. He makes a lot of putts for par and has to get up and down from pretty far away too much to be super consistent. He seems to hit too few fairways to be that consistent to me.
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a driver shaft that was too light. Besides being able to feel the club, does a really light shaft have any effect on distance or accuracy. I think they are designed to maximize swing speed, but do you lose distance if you are capable of swinging a heavier shaft at a similar speed
I agree with Saevel, but I would add that I consider the low back a part of the core, honestly far more important than the abs or obliques. I would guess someone that can deadlift twice their body weight would have a stronger far stronger core than someone who focuses mostly on abdominal and oblique exercises. Obviously, if you have existing back pain I'm not suggesting jumping into a deadlift program. I think stability and mobility in the low back needs to be...
New Posts  All Forums: