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When you hit the ball as long and pretty accurate like Walker your eventually going to be in position to make things happen, I think that once he got that first win under his belt at the Frys it gave him more confidence in his game.  I think Butch has a minimal part in this, he might have strengthened some parts of his game, but more so just gave him confidence that he's good enough to win big tournaments.
Should be a good week, this is Adam Scott's first tournament this season without Steve on the bag, one of his surfer buddies is carrying this week.
I hit the original Covert last summer and wasn't too impressed.
Will be interesting to see if Scotty has any of his 2014 line on display ?
Pulling for Scott as always, I think Spieth is going to be a good choice this week too.
I usually stretch and putt first, then I work my way up through clubs on the range, usually I don't hit them all.  I usually go (54,9I,7I,Hybrid,3W,D) then If I have more time before teeing off, I will putt again.
Yeah, the Phrankenwood was left out of the bag at the Open and Scottish Open
Pin high doesn't mean anything, I would rather be below the hole if I have an uphill put rather than a downhiller. 
I don't like going to the range honestly.  I find it tough to focus.  The only time I'm on the range is with my swing instructor. 
My gamer the Scotty Cameron Newport SS 2.5 but I also have a few others:   - Ping Anser - Odyssey Metal-X 2 ball - Taylormade Rossa (I Think it's a Siena 4 or something)   I'm thinking of buying a Scotty Golo 5 series also. 
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