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Actually one thing, a new headcover for my Scotty, just the stock California black one to replace my Studio Select silver cherry dot one.
Hi there, welcome to the Sandtrap ! Personally I would go to your local golf shop and hit both to see what feels better before making any purchases...but if not possible then I would go with the AP1s, great irons and will hold their value longer. 
Is it just me, or does the course look very ugly and just not right ? I mean the landscape is boring and the greens look extremely firm.
Golf Shoes always.
The G25 looks great ! I didn't like the aesthetics of the G20, it looks like the I20 and G20 had a baby and that`s what we get.  As for the putters, the blade putter looks very nice too.
I think it looks terrible to be honest, quite disapointing.  It will be interesting though to see how it performs compared to other drivers such as the 910/913 and Anser drivers.
For degrees, at least 56, but preferably a 58.  I think it's way more versatile than a 60.  For wedges, the Titleist SM4s are great, but for a bit cheaper the Ping Tour-S is great.
Depends what condition there in, but if not good, then hit em' back out.
None, really for me this week, only one round this week a few birdies but nothing special.
Q-Star, love them.  There good balls, nice feel and cheapish price.
New Posts  All Forums: