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Also try and create lots of lag in your swing by keeping your back foot on the ground as long as possible.  Releasing to early will cause you to get ahead of the ball which will also produce a block or fade. 
I love my current 910D2 (specs in sig) but will be going to a 913 fitting in a few weeks to see if I can improve my numbers and distance.  Though at a demo day I hit the 913D2 with the AD-DI 5S and was blown away. 
Here's how I hit a draw with the driver consistently.  Slightly closed stance, just past square with my shoulders and hips all aligned to that slightly closed stance.  I play the ball ahead of center but still inside my left foot.  My hands hang low and the club face is slightly open at address.  I find that good rhythm also helps and taking the club back on the proper plane is needed.  Don't get too flat as that can cause Block fades and such.  But also don't loop the...
1. Adam Scott -9 2. Jason Day -8 3. Brandt Snedeker -8
Holes which require a draw off the tee, My swing produces a high draw, so holes which favour a draw are my most loved/ comfortable shots to hit.  But fade holes....well that's a different story !
The only thing I try and work on is the good connection and rhythm that Adam Scott has throughout his swing. 
The field is dissapointing compared to last year, but will be an exciting finish. 
Hopefully the 123 group is the featured group otherwise that would be a joke.  Anyways should be exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing how #17 will play as well as how Manassero plays. 
Well a pretty good year as a fan for me so far, both my favourite players now have significant wins under their belts this season (Scott being the other).  I think we will see more from Manassero as he develops and can see him winning a major in his carear. 
Nice final round from Delaet....
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