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Yeah I played here 2 years ago, pretty awesome.  But for I'll go with Chambers Bay the site of the 2015 US Open, great course !
Not really the only things I think of when playing is good tempo taking the club back and hold my finish. 
There might be, but it's a R flex so you will probably have a bit tougher time selling it. 
Well you would need a 910/913 series adapter tip for the shaft.  But you can buy shafts with these tips already installed.  Honestly you should just sell your club as is and buy a new 910F from the store. Price is dropping on them and you can pick whichever stock stiff shaft you want.  I suggest the Kai'li or Ahina. 
Honestly aside from resale value the shaft won't make much of a difference.  Anyway the 913H seemed to be hotter when I hit it but I may be wrong. 
Shot 87 yesterday for my worst of the year. I hit the ball great but short game was horrible....3 putts galore
I know what you mean, your best option would be to find your local Titleist rep or go to a Titleist fitting day and try out different shafts in the D3 head. 
Driver- 240-250 3Wood-220 Hybrid- 200-210 4I-190 5I-180 6I-160 7I-150 8I-140 9I-130 PW-120 54-110 58-100 
Just be careful not to pick the club up too fast or you will lose distance and ball striking. 
about 100 yards in par 4, hit my 58 just passed the hole and sucked it back to about a few inches, didn't drop but still my best shot of the week. 
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