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Alright, if your wanting a real low ball flight then the Aldila RIP shafts aren't for you, I would reccamend something like a Diamana whiteboard in a D3 head.  The whiteboard might be pretty expensive though.  UST Mamiya makes great inexpensive shafts check them out. 
2 Oakley golf tops and 2 pairs of Oakley shorts.  My next trip will be shopping for a Rangefinder most likely
Kai'li for me, but I know a lot of people who love the Ahina. 
Hi there, I have a similar setup to what you were thinking of.  I would suggest either of the 910 heads paired with an Aldila low/mid launch shaft.  The D3 offers a bit more workability than the D2 but launches lower.  I have the D2 head with the Aldila RIP 60 and hit the ball high but that's my preference.  The D3 head would produce a more piercing low/mid ball flight.  I can't really offer help on other heads aside from the 913 isn't much of an upgrade from the 910...
If your looking for long and forgiving, the TM RBZ Stage 2 line of fairway woods and Callaway X-Hot line are your best bets.  There are other options like the 913, and Tour exotic but those are less forgiving. 
Wedges, from 110 in I struggle most of the time usually never getting the right distance.  I sometimes tend to avoid that distance by hitting less off the tee or less as a 2nd shot into a Par 5. 
Hoping that Scott stays hot
Really odd, at the practice facility I go to there is a green 100 yards out....but yeah go to a field with a mat is your best bet.
Good to see Day playing great after the masters letdown, hope he can win this week.
I would ask if Ping ever has plans to release true blades ? I'm sure they would be hot on tour and amongst those amateurs in those market segments.
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