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I didn't have a problem with this at all, 99% of the time the caddy and player celebrate together right away.
I have to say Adam Scott's birdie on 18 is going to be my best memory, I was very excited. 
And my favourite pulls it off !
I don't see what all the argueing is about.  The kid admitted he played a bit slow and that's that. 
Too bad to see Hoffman kinda fade out.
I don't see Oosthuizen's name mentioned enough, I can see him be right there again. 
I want to look away everytime I see 90 degree Michelle step in
Horschel looks very confident this week, great streak of cuts made going here.  As for Rory he seems up and down, flashes of good but still has been missing right. 
Wouldn't mind having one of these in my garage !
Probably the 2005 Tiger chip-in but I wasn't exactly old enough to truely appreciate it, so I'll go with Bubba's crazy hook last year
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