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1. Well maintained quick greens 2. Good Variety (as in some short reachable par 5s and some longer par 5s as well. etc.) 3. Good Drainage
Will probably be picking the game up this week, loved 13 so should enjoy 14 even if Adam Scott isn't present :/
Looks great ! I'm personally not a huge fan of green, much more a blue and red guy but still great putter. 
I have only seen the first one. 
The more I hear about Vijay the more I'm skeptical about him.  I was already on the fence but the way he handled the whole Deer Spray thing really turned me away. 
If you sort of liked the feel of a Scotty, but it's just not right then try a Ping Anser putter.  Also I know you said you want a blade putter, but the new Golo 5 line is worth a try. 
I make sure to keep my hands slightly ahead of the ball at address and to have a more compact swing.  Also make sure your not playing the ball too far forward in your stance. 
Yeah I met Fowler at the RBC and was very impressed with him, talked for a few minutes before he excused himself to go sign for some waiting kids.  As for most disliked, probably Bradley for many reasons listed above. 
I think the favourites are Tiger, Adam Scott, Snedeker and Phil.  But nobody is a lock not even Tiger. 
Great to see Fowler right there on Sunday, hopefully he can make it interesting. 
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