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Yeah, all Golfpride Whiteouts (white/red) with 1 wrap. 
Stricker is a great guy to have on tour, truely a great story.  And a great week for Tiger. 
Adam Scott, I love his attitude towards the game and how humble he is, this is quite evident during his press conference after the meltdown at Lytham.  I hope he goes on to win majors (I believe he'll win multiple).  Also his swing is simply beautiful to look at.  
I say just wait a bit and see if the new GOLO 5 gets released.
Might be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time !
I'm feeling another Tiger win, I just don't see Bubba or Phil making big moves, McDowell seems like his biggest threat right now.....but yeah what is Bubba thinking with that shirt !
It's kinda funny, not a fan of Bubba really but it's for a great cause, but I do find some of the references to other players like Oosthuizen really funny.
Alignment sticks, can't practice without them. 
The Titleist 910FD or now 913FD is designed for off the tee, it's a bomber, but not great from the fairway, the RBZ is probably your best bet. 
Good win for Kutchar, but hoped for Mahan......as for McIlroy, he has to work out some swing problems, yes I think the new equipment is contributing but he also isn't swinging well. 
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