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The RBZ, cheesey marketing, great numbers and easy to hit, the 910/913F are also good woods too.
Happy to See Henley get through, but aside from that it sucks for my brackets, McIlroy, Woods, Scott, Manassero all gone. 
Saw her play on Sunday when she won at the CN open in Vancouver, very calm and mature for her age and lots of talent, I think she will go on to be a dominent player on the LPGA  tour when she turns pro.
How about the 913 ? Also I was very unimpressed with the RBZ driver, the 3wood though....that's another story !
Zach Johnson might like this, he was getting cleaned out !!
For me, just tempo when taking the club back, when I get quick is when I get in trouble, aside from that not much. 
Carry two putters
Well the head pro at my course just earned his card for the European Senior Pro Tour and I've played with him so does it count ? He also played in the Senior British Open last year and got low Canadian in the field. 
Good for Merrick, I was hoping for Scott at the beginning of the week then Simpson and in the playoff Beljan, talk about loyalty
I hit a small fade as my go to shot most of the time (5 yard fade).  I tried to learn to hit draws and can now somewhat, but it just doesn't fit my eye and it turns into a hook to easily for me.  For me a fade is the most consistent shot I have.  Also there is nothing wrong with straight, but most of the time a working shot is the best option. 
New Posts  All Forums: