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 Thank you for that, I genuinely thought I had made inroads in to solving the issues Mike originally noticed but now that you still the images it is obvious that there is still a lot of work to be done. I only picked up a club for the first time 3 years ago and missed last season as I moved away for work so my golf knowledge and ability to analyse is pretty bad right now. I thought I was solving the problem by turning the knees outwards but now I realise I have to really...
Am I doing something wrong with my videos guys? This thread hasn't generated as much discussion/advice as I'd like.
Myself Rory Mcilroy Michelle Wie Natalie Gulbis Mixed doubles, and you better believe I'm sawing every club in Rory's bag in half save his putter and 5 iron to give myself at least a bit of a chance of impressing Natalie. 
Well I absolutely flopped the competition, realised the course isn't the best place to work on new swing elements! Went to the range tonight though and had a really productive session, was hitting the ball a lot better off the tee, exclusively hitting it straight or with a slight push draw, not a single snap hook or push. I was working on: 1. Turning my feet out slightly at address and ensuring my knees were flexed outwards as per mvmacs advice in order to promote more...
Thanks mvmac, looks like that video could have been made for me, it's exactly what I've been doing wrong! Playing a competition for the first time since getting back from my holidays tomorrow, will be putting this in to practise, will report back on how it goes.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8.2 My typical ball flight is: high draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: typical miss is either a block right or a snap hook Videos: Really struggling to keep the ball in play off the tee at the moment, hurting my game a lot. Typically I will hit a huge block right or a snap hook so capable of missing both ways. I've had lessons previously...
Just bought a couple of copies, one for myself and one for the old man. This is my last summer to really work on my golf before I move to London and get reabsorbed in to 70+ hour graduate job weeks, hoping to get as low as possible. My dad has been on the verge of single figures for as long as I can remember (6+ years), his game is all there, hoping this can push him over the edge, a ton of positive feedback which bodes well. 
I would love to get involved, no doubt my youthful exuberance/confidence would be caught out and I would shoot somewhere around what I usually do from the back tees but unfortunately I move away for a job next week and therefore my time on the course is limited.
I honestly think I'd burn up the course from the red (ladies) tees at my course and have always thought this, would be an interesting experiment but my club is quite snotty and could imagine them being disgruntled if a young chap like myself was to be bombing off the ladies tees all day. Also as an aside in the UK we don't use this rating/slope for courses or at least I couldn't find it for my course online, can anyone shed any light on this?
In spain recently on a golfing trip and calculated a drive at 360 yards down wind, had like 55 yards in to a 415 yard par 4, flicked a sand wedge which I subsequently pushed to the right of the green and made a bogey 5! Was driving the ball so far that whole week, gained about 30 yards on average to what I get in England. This whole trip for me was an eye opener and time to realise it wasn't all about bombing the long ball but actually start working on aspects of my game...
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