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Thanks for the responses.     The other 3 im playin with are saying we will play like 6 under par.  I just think we all arnt very good..... haha
Hi all,   I am playing with my buddies in a 4 person three team scramble for fun.  I would say everyone shoots low 90s to low 100s.  What do you think a good score would be?   There are no muligans or anything like that.
Ya for sure. I'm going to putt everything out from now on. I play with a guy who tells me to pick up the ball when I'm close because it makes the game go quicker but I think you are right. If I were to shoot 100 of those I would miss at least one probably about 10 haha.
Thanks for the advice guys. I think the worst part of my game is when I'm in distance of hitting the green like 150 and in. I seem to always push it right or miss the green on the left side. I can't seem to hit my pitching wedge the right distance haha. Also do you guys practice on grass at the driving range or hit off the mats. I see all the videos and whatnot all talk about hitting down on the ball and take a divot after the ball. But a lot of the time when I swing...
Thanks. I try and play as much as possible. Most of my friends I know from basketball and football and not many play golf. I work from 7-6 weekdays so it's tough for me to get out there.
I have been playing about 6 months maybe hitting the range once a week and playing once a month. I consider myself a pretty strong and athletic person (about 6'1 200 lbs) I hit the ball pretty far 3w about 275. I don't really use my driver cause I can't hit it to save my life. I do keep a real score like counting drops and out of bounds the only time I will move my ball is if I'm in the rocks or on a cart path cause I don't think it's worth it to break my club. I first...
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