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71 yesterday. Was even par coming into 17 a missed 5 footer for birdie. Hit a good drive down 18 and nearly topped a 7 iron. Couldn't save par and finished 1 over.
Oh, and I shot a poor 75. Way too many bogies and lost ball from nowhere.
Big bowl of porridge. Light stretches, mainly glutes and hammies. Get 30 balls. 1/2 wedges to an 80m target -about 10 Pw, 7, 5, 2iron or 3w - working the ball a little with each, concentrating on rhythm. 3-4 drivers or I just stop if I see one dead flush. 5 mins of lag putts. A few 5 footers, a few 3 footers. First tee.
This girl does have some game. She has also won on the ladies euro tour at 14 playing against Laura Davies and other top women. I think she was the youngest ever winner on the euro LPGA. It was played at oatlands gc in nsw, which is a tricky (certainly not brutal) par 70 layout. either way she is wiping the floor with pros around the world and doing it relatively unassumingly. We may be seeing the female tiger in the making.
Last 2 rounds.   Shot a 70 on Saturday. Was coming down the last one under (I haven't broken par for ages despite some great form), hit a decent drive which dribbled into the rough by about a foot. Had 160 into the wind, accounting for a bit of adrenaline decided to cut an 8 iron. Really badly just wanted to hit the green and two putt for 69! Put a great swing on it, caught a flier and it sailed straight over the pin, flying about 190 yards! Pretty much dead from...
A not so good 75 (+5). Went out in two over with 2 silly bogies. Double bogied 11 and 12 (poor luck as much as anything). Rallied hard coming home with some nice ball striking, made 2 birdies, one bogie, missed a bunch of 10-15 ft birdie chances.
Shot 71 today (and the last two comp rounds previously). Two doubles, 3 bogies, an eagle and 4 birdies to finish 1 over. Three putted the last - frustrating.
I'd never heard of this term. I thought you were referring to people warming there balls so they go further (something I've heard of people doing in very cold climates) or it was a porn reference.   I play in Australia and I gather things are very different to the U.S. If you are a member of a golf course, public or private, we play most of our serious golf in a competition format. That is the only way you can get a legitimate handicap here. You play by the rules of...
I recently went through some good form and then became obsessed with breaking par every round. Started getting cranky with myself, dug a deeper hole by making bad decisions, lost confidence in my ability - form slump.   Played a club comp today with three guys whose combined age was over 220 years. Great guys, just happy to be still playing golf and enjoying each others company. Really gave me some perspective and I enjoyed it immensely. Shot 71 without even thinking...
Great story! Sounds like you've got the bug alright. Also nice to see someone who practices and gets an understanding of the game rather than just heading out to the course and hacking it around constantly. Good luck with your goal of breaking a 100. I'm sure it won't end there.
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