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Haha! I'm building a video. Taking a small shot at Keegan. Thanks for the tip. For the life of me, I cannot find it anywhere.
I'm trying to find the Keegan Bradley commercial where he keeps stepping back. Can anyone remember what that commercial was for?
  I believe the major difference between these 2 drivers is their adjustability.  With more adjustability comes the higher price.  I believe there are almost the exact same head.   Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
I agree with rustyredcab, the shaft and the head work together for optimal launch angle and spin rate.  Taking the shaft a putting it into a different head can produce radically different results.  Perhaps the head weights are different; or the weighting INSIDE the head is different; the hosel depth may different.   Hopefully that answers some of your questions.
Don't be afraid to try it out.  But also keep in mind that there may be another 3 wood from another company that works better.  Don't just buy a club because it says Titleist on it.  Try a bunch of different 3 woods and find the best one that works for you.
I believe the Perma-Soft has been discontinued. The FootJoy PureTouch would be the most comparable.
I personally wouldn't teach that, but if it's working for you, stick with it!!
Great point.  Golf is meant to be fun and social.  Unless you're playing tournament golf, there's no need to be serious and get upset over bad shots.  It makes your playing partners feel uncomfortable and not enjoy their rounds.
Ya, Ping did that research a while ago.  The average player hits a 17 degree 4 wood further because the ball stays in the air longer than a 15 degree 3 wood.  This is why TaylorMade is selling a whack load of 3HL (17 degree) RBZ fairway woods right now.   I still think the loft in the 4 iron is out. 
  SG5 features over the SG4   Color screen Better and bigger controls A proper USB interface.  (The SG4 uses some goofy plug in.  The SG5 uses a standard mini USB port.)   You can definitely do that.  The downside to the Android app is that it's also your phone.  What kind of battery power are you going to have left at the end of 18 holes?
New Posts  All Forums: