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I am lucky as my golf mentor is a stickler for rules and etiquette. 'score on the tee, not on the green' and 'your game has progressed to the point where mulligans are no longer appropriate' were ingrained early in my golf career. Must say I have never experienced some of the nasty behavior described in this thread - and I play the local municipal course!   That said, I will watch my flag tending. I realized reading this thread that I probably don't tend it enough...
Right or wrong, made my day. Thanks for the laugh.
Great post from another lefty. Could not have said it better myself. Last round out I could not hit off the tee for love nor money, but short game was awesome. Round before that was the opposite. So, for me consistency is king!
This weekend we have both men's and ladies golf on TV here at the same time. Makes flipping channels a bit more fun. I remember as a teenager working at a tennis club, the male members would often speculate how they could win against the female professionals on TV. Oddly, I don't here the same kind of conversations going on around the 19th hole. Probably because no matter what, all those ladies would kick my foursomes collective butts.   Anytime I see any...
For me, the game is about playing. To play reasonably without worrying I'm out of place with my foursome, I practice. Other other day I arrived early at the range, practiced short game only. Something clicked. I went out to play the round and lo and behold, I was 'up and down' and flopping like a pro. Hmmm.....maybe this practice thing has some merit. I should have practiced my tee shots, would have done better driving with my putter   
You hit another milestone in your golf career. Well done    It has only happened a couple of times to me (not close to 80, and on my home course) and all I could figure out was consistency and lots of good luck contributed greatly. Oh, and the occasional long putt . This is why we love the game!
I played the final few holes of a charity event with a pink Pinnacle that I borrowed from the lady in our foursome. My eyes are not tuned to follow a pink ball. Everybody else had no problem pointing out where "Outlander's pink ball landed".   I was given a box of yellow balls, I will try them some time to see if they stand out in the pond any better than the white ones. 
I work for a large global IT outsourcer, and was promised 'golf with clients' was part of my job. Did not realize they were not supposed to win all the time. One highlight of my career was presenting to Callaway. Promised them if they went with a new service from us I would sell my Ping irons and replace them with Callaways
Greetings,   New guy here, just signed up. I see a ton of great information to wade through, I better get started.   A bit about me. I played a bit in high school but caught the bug about 5 years ago and have a favorite foursome with some buddies at work. They took me in and have patiently brought me along to where I am today. I enjoy the game, strive for consistency, love the camaraderie and the challenge of different course.    We are hampered by a short...
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