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What ones did you get?     Get some Shoe Trees....  that's my best advice for keeping them comfy.
I let it out of my bag,  but I'm thinking of putting it back in.......  anyone still carry the Callaway Hickory Stick?
Driver  (currently a very hold Callaway Hawk Eye  8*  that I'm replacing)   275 fairly consistently,  up to 285 or so,  as low as 260 or so.   3i   225 4i   205 5i   190 6i   175 7i   160 8i   145-150 9i   135-140 PW  125 52*   90 55*   70 60*   Stays in the bag!   I have room for another club,  so I think I need to learn how to hit a fairway wood consistently.    My 52* and 55*  Vokey yardages are very sweeping estimates at this point.
I hadn't bought anything golf related for a long time  (10 years)  so after a little time off from the game  (3 years)  I find myself making time to play,  so I needed to re-up on a few things.   This week I've purchased:   Callaway Octane Tour driver Allen Edmonds 1-Up golf shoes Titleist and Footjoy gloves  Nike Dry Fit pants. A couple dozen Pro-V1's that were monogrammed incorrectly and refused by a customer (or so I'm told)     I might be...
If you can't find anything about the driver online,  then it must be awesome......
I just replaced my  Hawk Eye that I bought used about 12 years ago,  (maybe longer)  with a Diablo Octane Tour for $67  SHIPPED   It was harder for me to find an 8.5* Stiff flex than it would be for you to find something in a 10.5 or whatever,  since they are plentiful out there.   If you can't scrape that up over a month or two,  then I don't see how you afford to go out and play golf to begin with.
I don't carry any fairway woods or 'hybrids'  because I have never hit a hybrid,  and I've never been very accurate with the fairway woods,  but I think I might pick one up just to hit from the tee.   I don't mind hitting my 3 iron from the tee,  but wouldn't mind getting more distance than that on those tight holes. 
That's interesting....  I was taught incorrectly then.   I guess I need to consult my rule-book.  
Two things:   1)  Rake goes IN the bunker when you're done.... it's part of of the hazard.   2)  Flag-stick goes OFF the green  (or on the fringe) not on the putting surface regardless of how far from anyone's line it may be.
Played "Sweetbriar Legacy"  on the 4th of July  (hot hot hot day.)   5th round in 4 years....   took 3 years off of the game for various reasons,  and trying to find my swing again.    Pretty happy with an 88.   4 doubles,  the rest were par/bogey   Played the blacks at  74.1/121   6634 yards,  but a lot of the tee markers were moved up it seemed.
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