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  Absolutely this!   I have notoriously "heavy" shoes, but they feel great on,  and I don't want to take them off when I get back to my car  (but do of course)   I think anything that fits/feels well,  are great for walking.
  I would say my point is,  it doesn't really matter if you were still playing at a good pace or not.    Again,  I wouldn't have said anything,  but really it should be common sense that you go out there and play one ball.  
A guy in your group was playing two balls.    I think that's the most important element of the story...   If I were behind you etc..  if you're keeping up with the group in front of you,  I certainly wouldn't say anything,  but playing 2 balls on a packed course is just asking for trouble.   And I don't care if he's a +2  or a -20   playing 2 balls shouldn't happen.   If he's getting ready for a tourney,  he should just play the course twice then.
  He's angry because he stands on the wrong side of the ball,  and never finds clubs he's able to hit.
  That does look pretty nice.   Does it look like the "Teeth"  will wear down over time though,  and then not secure as well at those points?
Still getting use to it,  but I am hitting it fairly well.    Usually around the same distance as my old Hawk-Eye VFT   (8* extra stiff pro-force)  but sometimes I catch it better,  and it adds 15 yards or so!
  This is what I bought also.....   8.5*  Diablo Octane tour  from Callaway-pre-owned,  extra stiff shaft,  came in almost perfect condition,  with head-cover and the original grip looks un-used....    $66 shipped.
I'm assuming you're not hitting your current irons deadly straight..... because if you were,  I would keep them,  as distance doesn't seem to be your problem.
I have always left the clubs  (moved them to easy view)   but now I'm second guessing myself.   Two weeks ago I left my 55* on the course my mother lives on  (walked out and played 6-7 holes towards one evening,  playing multiple balls/practicing etc....  not very 'structured'  )      I thought my kids pulled it out of the bag when it was in the basement because they emptied a dozen balls from the pocket of the bag,  but when I couldn't find it anywhere,  I...
I still say look on Callaway pre-owned,  or TGW or whatever sites sell used clubs,  and pick something that looks reasonably "modern"   similar to something you're used to,  and within your budget.   Once you play more,  then get fitted,  but you should have a decent idea of loft/flex based on swing-speed
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