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Prozac might do  the trick.
It's pretty self explanatory...   For instance, an Athiest that believes in superstistion.  Science can't prove that you need to throw salt over your shoulder if you spill it. :)    The last part of my comment was in jest, I'm sure you get the idea
Nothing is free of hypocrisy.  Even Atheism.
I drink two kinds of beer, free and cold. 
An eagle is an eagle.. Good job!
I can agree to that, I left the game until my sons started playing.
All of this pace of play stuff is really making it hard for regular golfers to play the game, I have two young boys that show a interest in the game, but I am really anxious about takig them to the course.  We play every wednesday afternoon when my home course is the least crowded, but I find myself rushing them or making them play off my ball and things of that nature.     I have read several places that more and more people are leaving the game of golf.  I am sure...
Is this still avaliable?
Not yet...  LOL  Hopefully I'm a few years away from that.  
The end, The Doors
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