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Well, part of it is wanting a new toy. But as for performance, it's very hit or miss. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes it hits the biggest books you've ever seen. I put it on high speed video and the shaft is bending like crazy from transition through impact.
In the market for a new 3w. Have played a Callaway Xhot for the past couple years; pro asked to see my club after hitting it and did a frequency test...came out as somewhere between senior and regular (supposed to be stiff). Looking at the new Callaway XR or the 915F, but want to make sure the shaft I get is at least close to what it's supposed to be.
Well, yeah.  I mean frame by frame/slow motion.  Watching full speed videos doesn't really help.  
Good article.  I'm curious though: when you use a high speed camera like a casio, is there a way to look at your swing in "real time", i.e., while you practice, or do you have to wait to get home and download onto your computer (I'm all about bringing a camera to the range, but as long as I'm not teaching other people, I'm not going to bring a laptop and have a whole set up going).   I always use the V1 app and my iPhone camera because I can look at each swing after I tape...
Latest full swing (will have a ball from now on, net comes tomorrow).  Still working on right arm folding early and continuing to fold all the way to the top.  Pretty happy with the progress, although clearly this shot would have gone about 30 yards right given the club face at the bottom.  
Any thoughts on this?  I've been using the club cleaning bucket  (about 3' high) since I don't have a tripod.  Spent about an hour getting super frustrated because swing was not looking the same as it does at home.  Soon as I got home I filmed a swing (camera at about 4' and used the mirror and it looked completely different (and much better).  Wondering if the lower height at the range is throwing off the picture.  
Started transitioning to more full swings, with mediocre results. Doing really well with pausing halfway and at the top (can see the picture change). Going to a full swing though is a different story. It's not as bad as it was before, but definitely not like the pause swings. Should I just back off and stick with the pause swings for significantly longer? Any advice to progressing to a full swing?
Beat me to it.  +1.  
Depends on what you're working on I think.  I'm in the process of a pretty big swing overhaul, so I'm probably spending closer to 75% of my practice time on full swing.  I also cut back from playing 3x per week and practicing 2ish times to practicing every day (combo of range and mirror, practice swings, etc.) and playing maybe 2x.  Guess it's sort of dependent on where your game's at.   I do think though that short game (unless you have a tour card) requires less...
Run 800m with 20lb medicine ball   3 rounds 30 single arm alternating KB swings 25 KB jump squats 20 KB push presses  15 V-ups   4 rounds 8 supermans 10 sit ups 60 second planks   3 rounds run 400m 20 lunge thrusters   I can't feel my legs.  
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