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What's the difference between a fade a power fade. Don't you want to hit all fades powerfully...
Thanks Erik.  Regarding the elbows coming apart, my guess is that that's a flaw in the swing, not something naturally happens when swinging a bit out to in.  The main reason I posted this question is because I noticed on well struck fades I wasn't loosing distance. After trial and error on the range, I've found that best fades I can hit are the ones where I pretty much make the exact same swing I do when I hit a draw; only differences are 1) I line up left of the target,...
This makes sense to me. The fade I play now is waaaaay different thanLucky man (and probably 1 in 100). I started off slicing. As I got better my miss became a hook, which no question gets me in more trouble than any slice ever did. However, I hated the slice so bad that to this day nothing pisses me off more than seeing a ball go right, even though it's always a block now, not a slice. Still ruins a round.
This makes sense to me. The fade I play now is waaaaay different than the one I (unintentionally) hit when I was a 25+. Ball starts 5 yards left of the target and drops to right. Exact opposite of a well hit draw. Last thing I want is the ball swooping 20 yds across the sky.
Started working on hitting cuts when I need them, for both tee shots and pins that call for them, and to scrub a little distance off when I'm between clubs.  I've always heard that fades don't travel as far as draws, however I hit a cut 3w today that I swear traveled as far if not further than some of the draws I've hit on that particular hole.  That being said, I also hit a cut 9i that came up about 8 yards shorter than my stock draw usually does on the same par 3....
I disagree.  Slicing a ball into someone's property pretty clearly rises to the level of negligent.  A person exercising reasonable care would know: (1) they don't have the skill to ensure they're not going to lose a ball right; (2) there is property located in the area where they might lose a ball; and (3) an errant shot might damage that property. With that in mind, the reasonable choice would have been to either hit a club that wouldn't reach the window, or not take the...
Curious to hear how everyone approaches practice.  I still find myself falling into the same "warm up with SW, hit some full pitching wedges, work through to driver, than hit way too many balls in too short of a time with randomly selected clubs" routine.     Assume 1-1.5 hrs, including full swing, short game, and putting.  Not looking so much at how much time dedicated to each, but rather what clubs hit, how many balls, how frequently you hit a shot, etc. etc.  
Hit the 21* other day; great club.  Long as hell and no hooks.  I'd gotten so used to trying hold off the Xhot just to hit it straight that it took me a bit to stop blocking these.  
 I don't think you necessarily come in steeper.  I think that having the weight shifted forward, combined with the hips rotating up and around moves the bottom of the swing arc that much more forward.  I personally only try to get steeper on an iron shot when I'm playing it back and working the ball lower.  
My bad, meant AoA.  I've been working on weight transfer for months, and it's definitely improved.  That being said, I've never been on a pressure plate or anything, so it could very well be that I'm at 75% or so weight on my front, whereas I should be closer to 90%.  If that's the case, that's probably the fix right there. 
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