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Sorry, I get ahead of myself.  Great feedback and info, thank you.   Are there any videos/threads that focus on exactly what the right arm should do, i.e., how/when/where it folds on in backswing?
Thanks Mike. Are you basing that on the last video I posted. When I ran the last video through V1 and put a plane line on it looks like my takeaway and backswing stay pretty on plane until the very top, where it looks a tad laid off. Do you think I need to hinge up a bit more/faster to get it set on plane at the top?As for the downswing, it's clear in the video my right shoulder goes out towards the target line. I've been grinding pretty hard with this overhaul and it is...
If it makes anyone feel better, it's pretty windy in LA this morning...might need a sweater until 9 am or something.  
Here's the latest progress.  From what I can tell the backswing is coming along.  Of course, like someone mentioned, my old move from the top seems to be a problem.  
Hit 100 balls today in groups of 5 using a 3/4 54*.  The first 10 felt off, and when i looked at the video, I was still taking the damn thing inside.  Went back with one thought "take it back outside."  Huge difference.  Started with the feel of essentially pushing the handle down as it went back.  To my eye, the club head stayed way outside, but once the club got to about parallel to the ground, i noticed that my shoulder turn got it back in position.  From there, I was...
Think I was trying to run before I walked.  Decided I'm going to do nothing but 3/4 "L to L" swings until the backswing is grooved.  As it was I was starting with full swings.  After watching about 100 videos on the backswing, I think I've got the idea.  When I take it back on what I think is on plane, it feels like the club head is staying way outside my hands for the first few feet until I start hinging (when the club reaches parallel to the ground.  This normal?
Yeah, I see what you mean. I think it's a LITTLE more upright, but totally still see the inside move. This swing was after about 30 balls of horrible, sloppy contact, so I think the little bit of flattening out sneaks in as a subconscious compensation to get decent contact.When I take it outside more than this, it feels incredibly uncomfortable, I cannot for the f'ing life of me get to the ball even remotely from the inside.
Any thoughts?  I know swing changes (and this seems like a big one) take some time, but this is pretty disastrous so far...Barely getting the ball off the ground.  
Sorry guys.  Not sure why this isn't working Let me know if this doesn't...I'm using the video button above and pasting the youtube link.  
My bad, thanks!
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