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Hit the 21* other day; great club.  Long as hell and no hooks.  I'd gotten so used to trying hold off the Xhot just to hit it straight that it took me a bit to stop blocking these.  
 I don't think you necessarily come in steeper.  I think that having the weight shifted forward, combined with the hips rotating up and around moves the bottom of the swing arc that much more forward.  I personally only try to get steeper on an iron shot when I'm playing it back and working the ball lower.  
My bad, meant AoA.  I've been working on weight transfer for months, and it's definitely improved.  That being said, I've never been on a pressure plate or anything, so it could very well be that I'm at 75% or so weight on my front, whereas I should be closer to 90%.  If that's the case, that's probably the fix right there. 
Would like to hear people's thoughts on this.  Coach put my on a trackman the other day and it showed my AoC with an 8 iron averages around -2.5.  The shots that I can feel (and definitely see) are the most solid had an AoC of -4.0 or a bit more.  My 6 and 5 irons had an AoC of less than -1, which means I'm almost sweeping the longer clubs.     Obviously I could drastically increase AoC by swinging out to in, etc., but that's not the point.  Want to be able to stick with...
Any one know a good place to get a putter fitting in LA?  Would be nice if it had a sam lab, but primary want a place where: (1) adjustments, including weights can be done on site; and (2) has different putters to try.  Thanks!
So went out and tried some driving irons and different hybrids.  Loved the drive irons of the tee; little lower flight, and much harder to hook.  Miss was mostly straight right (which I find MUCH less penalizing than a hook).  However, took a pretty good swing to hit high enough off the deck to maximize carry and hold greens.  Club fitter recommended I try some of the "player" hybrids, and man I was blown away.  I ended up with the X2 Hot Pro 20* (go figure).  Even with a...
Thanks Mike.  Not missing on the toe with the Xhot, it's just either a draw or a hook.  I have a really hard time turning it left to right, and even the straightest shots have at least a couple yards of draw on them, so they always seem to kick right when they hit the green.  
Any one have any experience/advice regarding switching from hybrid (currently Callaway Xhot 3 hybrid) to a driving iron (looking at Titleist 712u 18*?  Specifically to combat a tendency to hook the hybrid? Wouldn't mind a bit flatter trajectory in the wind either, but mainly want to dial back the hook, especially when I use it off the tee.  
Thanks Erik!
Been having a bit of trouble with this for the last week.  Worked hard over the last month to get closer to 90% of weight forward at impact (was probably around 75%ish before I made it my focus) by "feeling" less of a weight shift/more centered pivot on the takeaway, and had for a while had fantastic results.  However, for the last week I started seeing a hook creep into my ball flight.  I can feel that I'm moving my center a bit forward on the downswing, which (most...
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