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Well, I never said my opinion wasn't arbitrary as well...lol.  So this hole I'm thinking of, right side is the range (white stakes), left side is a environmental, trees, bushes, etc. (red stakes).  The hazard part is between the 5th and 7th hole.  So what you're saying is range is no longer on the course so it's OB, while the environmental is still "on the course", hence hazard?Well, I never said my opinion wasn't arbitrary as well...lol.  So this hole I'm thinking of,...
I totally get that.  I'm talking more about holes where one or both sides are marked with white stakes.  You can see the line the ball was on, just as well as you could if it was marked with red stakes.  One hole in particular at my course has white stakes right, red stakes left.  Why in the hell should I have to re-tee if I block it, but but get to drop if I hook it?  
Is there a vote for thinking the stroke + distance penalty is a stupid rule?  I always hit a provisional if I think it has a chance of being OB, but I'd love to see the rule changed so everything plays as a lateral hazard.  
Thanks Mike.  Here's some better videos:    
@mvmac Thanks for the PM, and sorry for the slow response.  Worked on the backswing some more, and starting to get the feel again where I should be. Only problem: I can't the ball for sh*t from here. Lol.    
Think the torque is pretty close: Aldila Rogue Silver 60 stiff in the BB (3.4 torque) and GD AD-DI6 S in the SLDE (3.3 torque).  I've always loved the DI 6 shaft, so maybe that's it.  Could try swapping that out of the SLDR and putting in the BB.  Would be hard to do side by side comparison though obv.  
On account of it being a holiday wkd (and my overall lazinesses today), just ran to the local range to confirm.  I was somewhat mistaken, the BB definitely starts right of where the SLDR starts.  Same dispersion though.  Mostly draws with the SLDR, half draws half blocks with the BB.  Interestingly the SLDR is likely set a bit open, since it's a 10.5* that I've dropped down to 9.5*.  
Curious to hear everyone's thoughts.  I'm using two drivers right now: an SLDR set at 9.5*, 45" long, and a Big Bertha DBD set at 10.5* with a stock shaft (think it's 45.5" or 46").  Played 9 holes this morning and hit one tee shot on every hole either each driver.  Noticed that they all seemed to start on the same line (except for the ones with terrible swings of course), but where the SLDR drew back on every shot, the DBD seemed to stay straight about half the time,...
+1 for the dog idea.  As long as you and the boss enjoy pups (who doesn't), it's pretty much built in, mandatory exercise as long as you don't have a super lazy breed.  My wife and I probably get about 8 mi of walking every week that we wouldn't if we didn't have to walk our dogs.  
Does this include strokes lost because of poor course management, stupid club choice, etc.?   There a par 4 at my club that dog legs hard left off the tee.  If I hit a hybrid that starts draws hard, I'll have about 85-90 yds in.  If that same hybrid goes dead straight, I'm either OB or will have to hit cut gap wedge off a hook lie.  I am quite stupid sometimes, so despite it working out maybe 50% of the time, I still hit that goddamn hybrid every time.  5i would leave me...
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