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 I believe you, but I have never, ever, despite playing golf with hundreds of different people, seen a single digit who was a guaranty for a double or worse from the sand.  Getting up and down like the pros is one thing, but like others have said, so long as you understand the most basic concept of green side sand play, you're gonna hit the green and be in very good shape for a two putt.  
+2.  And +100 for Erik's suggestion that putting/short game will drop strokes quickest, but without a doubt there's a ceiling.  I'm yet to put together a round a round in the 70's playing a full 18, however I play 9 holes more more often than I play 18, and out of the three 9 hole rounds I play every week, one (or two if my swing's on) will be in the 36-39 range (72/132 course).  The days I shoot the lowest are the days that my driver is so on that I never once think about...
It ain't easy, that's for sure.  I played the Dunes at Diamante last week, where the 10th is a 490 yard par 4.  Hole was playing slightly downwind, and fairway is about 10 yards below the tee box.  Even with a piped drive, I had 180 uphill to the green.  Missed left and chip/two putt for bogey.  Felt a lot like a par to me.  In my mind a par 4 that plays over 460 is an easily reachable par 5, and that's how I play it.  
I have a 60 and a 58.  I haven't used the 60 in a year.  It doesn't seem like 2 degrees of loft would make that much of a difference, but I find that it does.  The 58 is pretty much as easy to hit as my 54 (except in tight muddy lies, then it's a nightmare).  I actually ended up replacing me 20* (3H) for an 18* (2H).  Let's me keep the 58, and evens out the gaps between my 3W and 4i a little better.  I hated the 5W.  Obviously easier to hit than a 3W off the deck (no...
I generally use my 54.  I've gotten pretty good at opening it up wide and hitting soft short ones with a cut off follow through.  All that being said, I played this morning and tied my 9 hole record of 35, mostly in part to holing out from 40 yards for eagle and pitching from 50, and 60ish for kick ins...all with my 58.  Feel like I owe it to the club to keep it in the bag now.  
Yeah, I think this is pretty good advice.  I took a demo 5w out today and despite being longer than my 20* hybrid, I actually hit it either the same distance or a touch shorter. Also, it goes absolutely sky high (might have been because the one I used was an R shaft, but I always though whippier shafts gave more distance...).  For the record, no way would I sell my 58*, I've never been able to commit to getting rid of clubs, much to the chagrin of my wife.   Might try a...
Currently play 50/54/58 wedge setup.  Realized over the last few rounds that I really only use the 58 when I'm super short sided, or need to hit a flop that clears a bunker and stops.  I use my 54 for every from 20 yards to 110.  At the other end of my bag I have 3w, 20* hybrid, 4 iron.  I love my three wood which I hit about 235-245 off the deck, but I usually only use it off the deck when I have a 100% green light (good lie, no OB or hazards near the target).  Hybrid I...
I'm actually not sure what stat you wouldn't be able to track with a scorecard and pencil.  Assuming there's something like 8 rows for 8 players, I just use the top for my score, then fairways, GIRs, putts, etc.  
Yeah, I've had pretty decent results but can definitely see that happening.  Can usually hit 4 or 5 good shots without the SG (after hitting about 5 with it), but then start feeling like I need to put it back on to get the feeling again.  Any other aids or drills that you've used for the right elbow issue that have helped?
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