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Same here.  We have two, one that's 180 way up hill and another thats 195.  Length isn't the issue; they both just pretty much look wrong to my eye every time I step up. Both make you aim left from the tee, which I hate because I have a bitch of a time drawing the ball when I have to aim left, so no matter what I do I miss right.  I've definitely laid up numerous times.  
Dude, I wonder if that's part of the progression of getting better.  I HATE par threes.  A par three means I have to hit a B+ or better (or get lucky) iron shot to have a chance to two putt for par.  Par 5's, especially the baby ones under 500 means two decent shots and I can be two putting for birdie.  
I like this one.  I wish I could remember when this first happened, but I definitely know that I used to look at par 5's as "now what the f*ck am I supposed to do?" as opposed to now, when after a bogey I immediately look for the next par 5 to see when I can "get one back".  Doesn't always happen obviously, but that's the thought process.  
Made clutch birdie on 17th to halve individual and team match; shit the bed on 18 with a drop kicked drive to halve a match I was winning the entire round.  
Spot on.  I'll add that the press not only doesn't do anything to stop it, they encourage it.  Nobody is talking about legal immigrants.  Those people go through an extremely long and arduous process to become American citizens, and deserve all the rights us natural born Americans enjoy.  The illegals make a mockery of that effort and hard work by simply walking across a desert.  
I don't either.  I just would like a leader who recognizes the illegal immigrants as problem and does something about it (as opposed to just opening the door because they know they'll vote for his party one day...).  If you don't agree that it's a problem, explain it to the poor girl's family in SF who was shot in broad day light in public.  
There it is.  "You don't agree with me, ergo you are a racist."  Flawless logic.  
Of course not, but chances are he's going to be forced out by the PC police.  This has nothing to do with him being a nut (though he is), it has to do with the current political climate in this country.  If you happen to have some opinion that one side in particular doesn't agree with you, you're automatically labeled a bad person, or a bigot, or some other term du jour.  If trump had stood up and said "we need to open the border and provide all the social services in the...
That's a good thought, but my AoA is (according to trackman) generally between +2 to a little over +3. From what I've heard the pros often have a somewhat negative AoA because they swing so fast they don't need the upward AoA to get the added distance, and for them the negative AoA is easier to control.
That would make more sense.  The D2, just like the 815 Alpha was a high spin beast for me.  Sky high flight that just balloons and drops like a rock.  Can't say enough about the D3 though.  I play a 9.5 and still launch it plenty high, but it just...goes.  Sound was f*ing god awful at first until I stuffed it with cotton.  Now it sounds like a SLDR.    
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