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And that's not to mention the natural networking and client development you have access to.  
I think the draw is not having to put up with the people who frequent courses like Rancho Park, WIlson, and Harding.  I joined a club 6 months ago and it's been fantastic.  I can go out whenever I want, i have a grass range to practice at whenever I want, and I never have to worry about getting paired up with a 3 ball of guys who insist on playing from the blacks even though they're terrible golfers.  That's not to say there aren't some great public courses in LA (Robinson...
Yup, this is what I'm talking about.  
Based on these pictures (and my understanding of the one plane swing), Rory is MUCH closer to a one plane swing than a two plane swing, and Bubba looks to be very much in a two plane position, e.g., arms lifted way above the shoulder plane.  
I'm referring specifically to this type backswing/position at the top.  
I'm getting really tired of my swing feeling great for a few weeks, and then feeling like I've never picked up a club for another few weeks. I'm not sure if it's because my swing is reliant on timing or what (generally when things go south my takeaway feels incredibly awkward, which sets the tone for the whole swing).  Been reading about the one plane swing and how it's much less reliant on timing; would it be beneficial to make the change?  What are the cons (loss of...
Let me put it this way: when i hit a 7i, my divot starts square and finishes with the toe clearly ahead of the heel, i.e., the outside of the divot is longer than the inside. when I hit this shot, there is almost no divot, and i can feel the bounce thump the ground as opposed to the ripping of the leading edge through the turf.  
Yeah, I think it's similar.  I changed my pitching to use the bounce a little while ago and this feels almost the same, except with a bigger swing and much more speed.  Key to this is accelerating hard through the shot.  Any decel and I thump the bounce about 4 inches behind the ball.  Oh, and this only works for me when I set up slightly open, open the face a bit, and focus on not turning my left knuckles down through the shot.  
Had a lot of success with this after (of all things) a michael breed spot on wedge control.  After some trial and error, I've found that my 54* with a half swing (arms to parallel) is perfect for 60 to 70 yds, as long as I use Breeds idea of not letting the toe release through impact. Contact with the ground is almost entirely with the bounce of the club, leaves almost not divot, and lands soft.  Can add take a bit more off by choking down an inch or so.  When I want to...
Mind giving some examples? Anything from straightforward (little wind, even lie to a green at the same elevation), into elevated greens, etc.
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