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I had the wife shoot these today.  Like I said....not totally corrected but definitely improvement in my opinion.  
Been working on my swing using some suggestions from you guys.  Still moving my head too much but I do think it is better.  I am hitting the ball much more playable with a lot less slice.  Took some new videos today I will post later.  Actually shot 84 Monday and Tuesday with a 83 Wednesday.  
I know how you would assume that.  The the father in law can break 80 on a rare occasion, but mid to upper 80's is more his norm.  The other girl is pretty good but had not played in quite a while when we went.  You gotta think about what you are assuming though.  I could shoot below par by myself if i got to hit each ball four times, not to mention the fact that we had to hitting from the ladies tees.  
It was just us two.  I would fully expect to be way better if we had four chances on every ball.  My wife, father-in-law, a friend who is female too, and myself played in a 4 man about 2 months ago and we shot -11 to tie for first in the low flight.  The ones I have played in seem to always be won by a -17 or so.  My wife is not a bad player at all.  Hate to admit, but she beats me most of the time.  She played college softball and can normally smash it off the tee....
My wife and I went today and played scramble style.  I called it best ball, but just read on another thread that best ball is different than scramble.  Anyway, we ended up with a +4 which I thought was not too bad.  Thoughts?
took me reading it a couple of times and taking dry cuts to figure out what you were saying, but I think i got it.  lots of awesome feedback.  gonna try and go to range and maybe play again tomorrow.  Hopefully can work on some of these things and do new video next week.   Thanks again!!
Great drill.  I will have to get someone at the range to help me with that one.  I went to the course today and hit some good balls and some not so good ones too of course.  I focused on keeping the backswing shorter as advised but I really need to go the range and work on it instead of on the course.  I only kept score on my last 9 holes and shot bogey golf, which I can live with.  Bad thing is I am shooting par on most holes where I have good drives.     Thanks...
Beachcomber....Thanks for the post.  I knew my swing was out to in and it is definitely much better than it was a month ago.  I actually did start by shortening my backswing and it did help drastically.  I just went back to a bigger backswing about a week ago.  I will revert back to the shorter one for a little while longer and see what happens.  I hit it pretty good Tuesday off the Tee box and could definitely live with my swing if I could be consistent with how I was...
Pholmes...thanks for the response.  I stand closer to the ball because it seems to help me keep my hands more inside.  When I stand back farther from the ball, I tend to take my hands out more creating a worse slice.  Gets me more out to in than I am when I stand closer, if that makes any sense.  I hope to get my swing corrected so I can back away down the road.   Thanks again for the observation.
Let's hear them.     "Bad day at the course," a guy tells his wife. "Charlie had a heart attack on the third hole." "That's terrible!" she says. "You're telling me. All day long, it was hit the ball, drag Charlie."
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