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It's pretty obvious that Chamblee takes great pleasure in denegrating Tiger whenever the opportunity arises.  Whether is his personal life, his attitude, his swing, his coach whatever, Chamblee will find the negative and will harp on it.  What annoys genuine Tiger fans (like me) is that no one else gets the same scrutiny.  Chamblee lives in the negative when it comes to Tiger and he ignores anything remotely positive.   Chamblee can't speak positively of Nike Golf...
This is a undoubtedly a great move for Sonders in the short term (even moreso for her bank account) but golf seems doomed to fail on Fox.  Producing baseball and football is much different than golf and if this doesn't work out Sonders will likely be back on TGC when her contract is up.   She was way too fake for my taste so I was never a fan of hers but regardless, TGC was foolish not to pay Sonder whatever she was asking for.  She was invaluable to that network and the...
On another note, this article really proves just how pathetic golf journalism is. This is not reporting.  This is not journalism.  This is a complete joke.   Hawkins (clearly prodded by this thread imo) asks one guy he feels "should know", he gets a shotty half-answer, and then he goes on to you write an article posed as a question as if the real answers are completely unknowable. The guy treats this as if Anthony Kim is living in some distant land, unreachable by any...
Well..............that's depressing... How many of us would kill to have even a sliver of Kim's talent?  It's a damn shame.
1. Adam Scott (aka Tiger circa 2000) 2. Seung-Yul Noh 3. Rory
I completely agree.  Some people have a bias against playing Nike clubs for some reason, but their woods and putters are second to none.  I've bought and  sold a few drivers over the years (Titleist 909, Nike VR Pro) when I was looking to "upgrade" from my old Nike SQ 5000, but I hadn't found anything I liked more than the SQ until the Covert came out.   I hit the tour version and hated it, but the standard/performance is a great club.  I'm using the stock Kuro Kage...
I just wish we could get some real reporting on golfers like AK.  Maybe a segment on Jimmy Roberts' show or something.  The Golf Channel tried to promote those ridiculous reality shows a few years back but they refuse to report on someone as talented (and possibly tormented) as Anthony Kim has been over the last few years.  And it's not like the guy didn't have a pretty large following.
Has anyone else had to replace their brake line on a Clicgear cart?  I tried to force the brake the other day and snapped the cord.  Does anyone have any guidance they could give me or know of a video tutorial out there anywhere?
It seems pretty obvious but I guess it's just me.  Not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. 
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