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I just wish we could get some real reporting on golfers like AK.  Maybe a segment on Jimmy Roberts' show or something.  The Golf Channel tried to promote those ridiculous reality shows a few years back but they refuse to report on someone as talented (and possibly tormented) as Anthony Kim has been over the last few years.  And it's not like the guy didn't have a pretty large following.
Has anyone else had to replace their brake line on a Clicgear cart?  I tried to force the brake the other day and snapped the cord.  Does anyone have any guidance they could give me or know of a video tutorial out there anywhere?
It seems pretty obvious but I guess it's just me.  Not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. 
I'm a fan and I actually appreciate the way he handles himself on the course.  He treats his caddie like $hit, but golf actually needs more of the emotion and passion people like Tiger and Bubba bring to the game, not less.  Hell, you hear more emotion on any given Saturday coming from 30 handicappers missing 20 foot putts, but people act offended when the pros expect themselves to play well.   All that being said...if I hear one more commentator say, "he's never had a...
Is it just me or do networks cut the microphones for some golfers right after they strike the ball and not for others.  There are definite exceptions (Bubba has been caught more than once, although not recently) but it seems pretty obvious to me.  Phil gets the same treatment and he handles it quite well, but it makes it seem as though Tiger is the only guy on tour that swears.   And yes, I'm a huge Tiger fan...
I cancelled my subscription to Golf Digest on Saturday.   Sometimes it's just best to take a step back and say, "you know what, I/we made a bad decision on this one and we're going to make every effort to do a better job in the future."  It's the right thing to do and it probably would've been best for the magazine's sales in the long run.  There is no defense for not having a female golfer on the cover for nearly 6 years.  There just isn't.   Instead, I heard TGC...
I enjoyed TGC a lot more before they turned it into Holly Sonders Illustrated.  Now the channel has basically become an advertisement for silicone, bronzer, and miniskirts.   Golf claims to be a game of class, dignity, and respect but then you turn on the sport's flagship channel and see a model with makeup applied like spackling paste.
I'm excited for the 'real' beginning of the golf season so we can finally move beyond the 'Holly's hot' conversations that have taken over most golf websites recently.  Golfers really need to get laid more!   It really magnifies how important Tiger is to the game when Holly Sonders' helium-filled balloons, acne, and miniskirts are the biggest topic of conversation during the offseason.
Give the MP-54s a serious look.  I've been playing the JPX-800s for a few years now, lowered my handicap to 10.5 and I'm looking to make the same upgrade as soon as I can save the cash.  They are forged cavity backs but they look like blades at address.  If you go hit them you'll immediately fall in love.  Guaranteed!
Does anyone know Anthony Kim's status? He was a guy I followed pretty closely.  I know about injuries, but he should be back by now, right?  MLB pitchers have recovered from Tommy John surgeries by now and Adrian Peterson and RG3 have both come back from more serious injuries in much less time.    You really can't count on reporters to do any real journalism work anymore.  With the exception of Jimmy Robersts and Tim Rosaforte the Gofl Channel has basically become a...
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