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Wouldn't it be amazing if golf 'journalists' actually did some reporting on REAL golf stories like this one?  But nah, the golf community seems to be more interested in nonstop WITB articles, Paulina Gretzky, and Michelle Wie's makeup.
It's always funny to watch announcers bend over backwards NOT to mention something like this when it's so obvious.  Meanwhile, you'll see them blow up anything remotely objectionable that someone like Tiger might do.  All of a sudden saying 'GD' after a bad shot is totally unacceptable.  It's hilarious!
  Well said!
  You can keep on advocating for more acceptance of racist, homophobic, and steretypical rhetoric.  I'll keep advocating for ALL OF US to be more culturally competent.  Cool?
  +1.  The 'sesame chicken' comment is absolutely racist.  It's basically the same thing Sergio said just aimed at a different ethnicity.    Lastly, people need to understand how it comes across when they try to tell someone else how they SHOULD feel about any issue, but specifially when it comes to issues involving race.    My father was forced to go to an all-black school.  I wouldn't dare tell him how he should feel about racism in this country. 
  Oriental?????  Wow.  And you're likely too ignorant to even know better.  It's a shame.    Rugs can be oriental.  Decor can be oriental.  People are Asian.   
Nike Vapor Black   Srixon Q-Star   Bridgestone e5   ...in that order.
"Seek the advice of a professional...that will tell you exactly what you want to hear."    Sounds like a plan...
Easy solution.  Call Titleist and confirm the serial number.  Done.
I'd be really interested to hear what people think.  I'm a Vapor Black guy as well. 
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