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Get a Clicgear!!!!  Everyone raves about them but I've heard great things about the Sun Mountain carts as well.  Just don't get a Bagboy.  The 'arm' on my Bagboy doesn't even support the weight of the golf bag so it collapses every time I need to make a turn.  It's annoying as hell.        You can pay a little less like I did ($100) and be pissed, or you can choose to pay a little more with no regrets. 
The Method 001 has been the only putter I've liked more than my SC Newport.  I put it in my bag about a year ago along with a new set of irons.  For me, it's the easiest putter I've ever used in terms of distance control.  The alignment dot has taken some getting used to but, for me, distance control has always been my main issue.  I can't say that I hole any more putts than I used to outside of 10 feet, but I have dramtically lowered my 3 putts per round  overall putts...
  I see your point, but there really is no comparison.   $100 million dollars twenty years from now will still be generational wealth.  And remember, Tiger is only 36. 
  +1.  That's hilarious!
Definitley start out with a set of irons.  I can count on one finger the number of decent, amateur golfers I've seen who have a bag that matches entirely.  You will find that you'll want/need different types of clubs (wedges, hybrids, FWs) to fill the different sorts of holes and discrepancies in your game. 
  Interesting....well, I stand corrected.....but he's still wrong!  haha.
  I'm just an immature, uneducated American but I do know that the word you're looking for there is ISN'T, not aren't.  I love when people try to insult the education of others they can't even do it without a grammatical error.      I even agree with some of your points but the generalizations are too much for even me. 
I've been reading a lot of these Nike "epiphany" stories lately.  I have never played Nike wedges and I don't play tour balls so I've always never played the 20XI-x balls, but the Nike products I do have in my bad are irreplaceable.    I couldn't agree more about the Method putter.  My SC Newport doesn't come close in terms of feel and distance control.  My Nike driver and Method putter are my two favorite clubs by far.    
Anyone who has played Nike clubs over the last 2-3 years knows their equipment is right up there with the top manufacturers.  Most of the equipment out there right now is pretty comparable when it comes to quality. 
Glad to see I'm not the only one.  The Vaprs don't seem to get the same amount of hype as the Gamers, Srixons, or Bridgestones but they feel great and they're just a great ball all-around.  And the fact that Dick's usually has them on sale for $20 a dozen doesn't hurt either. 
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