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Good point!  The shoe itself isn't waterproof but the synthetic material they use is.  So if you play in the rain your feet probably stay dry.  If you step in a puddle that's deeper than the shoe laces, they won't. 
Leather isn't waterproof so they made the new TWs with a synthetic goretex-type material without a heavy, leather outer shell.  If there's one thing Nike has never been accused of it's lack of technology in their clothing and footwear.     I do however agree that they aren't the prettiest shoes I've ever seen, especially when they're worn with pants. 
They are definitely pricey, and I wouldn't spend that, but there are many shoes out there that are a lot more expensive and aren't endorsed by Tiger.  Adidas, FootJoy, Puma, and True all have shoes priced well over $200.
  Why? Consistency.  For the same reason I felt the PGA shouldn't be holding tournaments at clubs that exclude women.  It's perfectly legal for a private clubs to exclude Whites or minorities (and there are many clubs that still do) but I'd say the same thing if the PGA held tourneys there. 
  I don't know about that, but we can agree to disagree on why Augusta was the club being targeted.  I could definitley be wrong on this one (and I know many R&A clubs exclude women), but I don't think the PGA holds tournaments at any other all-male clubs.     I definitely see your argument.  It's a good one.  I don't necessarily agree with your premise here (considering that's a pretty big IF) but I hear your argument.  It's a good debate to have.  Coming from the South...
  Those tricky weasel words that cause you to read (or in your case re-read),comprehend, and think......they're so weaselly!    I've never once suggested in any way that Augusta wasn't a private club.  I merely said that, although they are private, they are held to a higher standard because of the monetary support they get from companies that receive public/government support and benefits.  I also gave examples of other private institutions and how those same standards...
Hahaha.  Agreed.
  Not if she (Ginni Rometty) declined Augusta's invitation to become a member...Augusta has not and never will reveal how many actual invitations go out every year.  They only reveal those that accept.  Part of the Augusta lure is the notion that no one in their right mind would ever decline an invitation so it's unlikely they'll ever reveal how many declined invites the get every year.   
  Come on man.  You don't think the fact that IBM now has a female CEO had anything to do with this decision?  Really?  If you honestly think that Augusta hasn't been under constant and continued pressure from CBS and  the boards of their former and current advertisers like Coca-Cola, AT&T, and IBM (all of which have female board members) then you obviously don't understand how Fortune 500s work.
  You want to be a Curves member?  That's cool.  I suggest you form a group and start protesting.  There are plenty of equality groups that would be happy to take up your cause.  But I'm guessing you merely want to argue, which is also fine.    Yes....that is a straw man argument because (in regards to Martha Burk/Augusta) no one was arguing the premise that all exclusive clubs should be banned because they are discriminatory.  If your club is TRULY private then you...
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