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Rory played unbelievably this week and when he's "on" like he was yesterday no one can beat him.    But it never ceases to amaze me....Tiger has won more tournaments this year than any other golfer.  He's  #1 on the money list and he's #1 in the FedEx standings.  But when he finished T11 in a major the conversation immediately turns to how his career is over and/or he'll never win another major.   But when Phil or Rory (or Westwood, Kaimer, or Donald) miss cuts...
I think the biggest challenge the PGA face is its placement on the calendar.  It's just WAY too close to the British for the average viewer to care.  Viewers simply aren't "dying to see the next major" the way they are in anticipation of the other three.   The fact that they change courses every year doesn't help, but that's far from the biggest issue this tournament faces. 
They're so expensive Mizuno doesn't even mention them on their website. 
I'm not sure about Charlottesville, but there are a lot of great, affordable courses in the Richmond area (I grew up there).  My favorite is Hunting Hawk in Ashland.  A great site to use is http://www.golflink.com/. 
  You totally missed the sarcasm....
This was a great thread back in the day when it was about what's up with Phil...   I guess I'm setting myself up to be called a Tiger fanatic (which I am, and which somehow means I must automatically despise Phil) but it seems like Phil's struggles have more to do with Phil's mechanics than his health issues.  A lot of his missed opportunities have been inside 20 yards. 
Let and let live.   The Golden Rule.   Judge not, and you shall not be judged.   Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned.   ...oh wait....nevermind.....that would be just a little too Christ-like for far too many Christian Americans these days.
I don't know what's wrong with him but at this point he might be a serious liability on the Ryder Cup team.  
Mizuno JPX800.  Believe me, you will not regret this purchase.  You can get the HD version a with hybrid 3-4 iron, or the older edition that i have.  These irons are unbelievable. 
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