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Each year I seem to fall into my annual process of testing the newest mid-level balls (approximately $20-35) to find my "gamer" for that year.  This year was no exception.  At this point my wallet and handicap don't call for a tour ball and I can't seem to put them in the fairway to begin with.  This Spring, based on reviews, I decided to buy and test the Top Flite Gamer, Bridgestone e6, Srixon Q-Star, and Nike Vapor Blacks.    All are obviously great balls...
  This is the perfect example of a straw man argument.  Create a position that no one has taken and argue against that.  No one is trying to outlaw all men's clubs.  There are all-male cigar, poker, health, and social clubs all over the country.  There are also the same sorts of race-exclusive clubs.  The difference (which I believe you understand but can't argue) is that those clubs don't benefit from millions of dollars in endorsements from companies that recieve...
If you can name a women's club with comparable money, prestige, and influence that Augusta has and you express a genuine desire to become a member, I guarantee people like Martha Burke would be happy to protest on your behalf.  It's not about taking things away from men, it's about granting equal opportunities to women. 
Shoal Creek and Augusta both excluded Blacks until 1990 (still hard to believe).  Condi is now a member at both. 
don't mean to be "that guy" by offering a 4th option, but the Gamer V2s are the best ball under $20 on the market.  Hands down! (imo)
Rory played unbelievably this week and when he's "on" like he was yesterday no one can beat him.    But it never ceases to amaze me....Tiger has won more tournaments this year than any other golfer.  He's  #1 on the money list and he's #1 in the FedEx standings.  But when he finished T11 in a major the conversation immediately turns to how his career is over and/or he'll never win another major.   But when Phil or Rory (or Westwood, Kaimer, or Donald) miss cuts...
I think the biggest challenge the PGA face is its placement on the calendar.  It's just WAY too close to the British for the average viewer to care.  Viewers simply aren't "dying to see the next major" the way they are in anticipation of the other three.   The fact that they change courses every year doesn't help, but that's far from the biggest issue this tournament faces. 
They're so expensive Mizuno doesn't even mention them on their website. 
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