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From the front view you would notice that you can not see your right elbow under your left arm because its higher. Maybe another good check point on video.
One thing that helped me to get my backswing steeper and more on plane is a picture that i need to keep my right arm above the left arm halfway back
Something which helped me get more consitent is matching my shoulder turn on the backswing with my arm swing. As you come to the end of your shoulder turn your arms are travelling longer and longer.
Is the shipping to Europe done this week? thx
  Next range session today. Was trying to focus on my left elbow closer to my body on the backswing, but doesn´t really changed that much. Guess i need to work on a few things for some time: 1. left elbow closer to my body on top of the backswing /not lifting ma arms so much 2. Shortening my backswing 3. Less forearm rotation on backswing 4. left heel down on downswing   any thoughts?
today i played a few holes after the range session. Just concentrating on the setup. Because i see the ball more with my more rounded back makes my ball striking way better. No miss hits today. Will try the drills and looking forward to post a swing on the evolvr site. Changes are nice so far.
Thank you will try this the next days. Maybe the next step to get my backswing get better. hakky
Next range session today. Was focusing to get comfortable in my new setup position. I was reading in beachcombers member swing and i found the Grant Waite video where the rear elbow during the backswing is shown.   my left elbow is traveling far behind me even when my shoulders have stopped turning. and i thin my left hand/arm get to high here. Is that right? And how can i fix this/does anyone have a drill to fix this?   Thanx hakky
Maybe filming your swing if you are working on a specific aspect of your swing hakky
Hi! Went to the range and tried the new setup changes. Hands nearer to my body which relaxes whole setup/shoulders a lot . The more steeper “shoulderplane” which feels slowly more comfortable.       The change in my setup was leading to a slight higher ball flight without losing distance. Flight was straight and much more consistent. If iwas putting my ball back in stance I was having a slight draw, which I never had before.   Made some...
New Posts  All Forums: