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Have you really been only playing a couple of weeks as was able to shoot 80's?? If so then thats damn good! 
 Does she have a sister or a friend who likes to golf as much as she does?  
Best way to play a tournament.. Just treat it like a regular round of golf.. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I always set my goal to just shoot my handicap and things always work themselves out.. When your goal is to shot lower than our handicap you'll put too much pressure on yourself and your swing will just go to $ht! Good luck though.. I love playing in tournaments.. 
Lol I make practice swings as well when I'm out and about with my wife.. She just laughs at me and thinks I'm weird..To op.. I gave up the playing basketball, flag football and video games.. I use to be super addicted to video games and my wife would get pissed at me and would tell me to get out of the house and do something. Got Addicted to golf and now she wants me home more playing video games.. Funny how that works.. I guess I have this addictive personality and she...
I took my driver out earlier this yeah when I noticed I always struggled on holes I dont drive well.. My handicap went from 19 down to 14 just because of that.. I hit my 3W pretty consistent and it keeps me out of trouble and i'm hitting fairways a lot more.. Golf is a lot easier in the short grass.. I do want to start hitting my driver again. So I can at least try and attack par 5s or those long par 4s.. I think next year I will get lessons solely on my driver swing.. 
Played in my very first 2 day tournament this past weekend. I'm a 14 HC but they had me at 17 since they based everybodies HC from the blacks.. I shot great during the 1st day! Had 4 birdies but still ended up shooting an 85.. Had some doubles and triples that really ruined the score.. But i was still in good position to get in the money being -4 from my HC.. Then 2nd day I was doing fine til #8 came.. It was Par 3 about 157 yards.. Water in front and water on the left.....
Its his stank eye! 
  I think you're over thinking things.. If you end up not becoming friends because of golf then ya'll were never that good of friends to begin with.. Just take it as a normal round of golf with your buddy.. It sounds like you really dont talk much during the round when its competition.. I would do the talking before hand and just do your thing after you tee off... 
I have a lot golf buddies and seems like golfers in general who are so eager to get that ace. Don't get me wrong and 1 is nice to see in that score card but what's the point when you fail to break 100! I remember getting my first eagle how happy and excited I was to put that 3 on my scorecard but then I look at first hole(eagle was on the 2nd hole) and I saw my double bogey! So pretty much I started par par! Then my very next hole I get a triple! I would've rather had...
Standard 3 wood are 15*.. if your 3 wood is like a 13* then I would probably looking into getting a 15* one..
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