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Go with the ones that are right for you.  I went through this process not too long ago.  Ended up with the Ap2's but only because out of all the clubs I tried these were the ones for me.  Everyone has a different feel for clubs.  Every manufacturer wants to sell you the latest and greatest technology that they have to offer.  They have to.  Their trying to move product.  Just find a set that you and only you really like and pull the trigger.
Go with a fitted driver.  I know so many people that play with very old putters and drain the putts almost every time.  Putters are probably the most personal club in the bag.  The old Billy Baru! I'd say find your niche, hit a bunch and narrow down to what feels right for you.  You might be surprised what you end up with. Good luck. 
Wow.  No.  I've had mine for about 3 weeks so I'll keep an eye on it
Nice.  Thanks guys.  I guess I'm trying to figure out the "gaps" I might have by eliminating the 3 & 4 irons from my bag.  Seeing more of this out there as well it seems.  I've been blasting the new RBZ 3 wood, 3 & 4 hybrid probably longer than I would hit my 3 & 4 irons on a good day so I guess this makes sense.  Totally have to re-calibrate my yardage now which should be interesting.  Oh the buckets of balls.........
I'm curious to see how many hybrids everyone carries these days.  I'm "re-tooling" my arsenal.  Thinking of just eliminating the 3 & 4 irons completely, replacing with a 3 & 4 hybrid.  I basically will be carrying driver, 3W, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5-p/w, 2 wedges, 56 & 60.   Just curious of your thoughts.  Thanks.
I dont mean to stir up the pot and I dont own (yet) any Taylor Made products, HOWEVER, I demo'd the Rocket Balz 3W the other day.  Let me keep it simple:  Had anyone out there noticed their balls traveling farther with this club or is it me? 
I thought I loved my 4-5 yr old Callaway X 3W until I had the new Taylormade Rocket Balz in my hand.  You seriously have to be kidding me......This also applies to their rescue 18 degree I was demo'ing.  I say again, you seriously have to be kidding me.  Can you say BOMBS!!!!!   The 3W I've must have gained easily 10-15 yds.  How do I know?  On hole 18 at my local course, long par 4, straight, up to the green.   Big green.   Usually my 2nd shot is the 3W to the green...
Thanks guys.  Was rippin the AP2's tonight on the range.  Had the Razr X Forged as well.  6 iron, same shafts.  AP2 for me was farther and just felt better.  Pulled the trigger and should have my new sticks within a week.  Cant wait.  Appreciate all your help.
I think Tiger should just stop worrying about Tiger.  Sick of listening to everything he and the commentators have to say about it.  Its always all about Tiger.  Rory makes an incredible 25 foot put yesterday and what did I hear Nance call it, "a Tiger putt?!"  Wtf is that?!  Tiger wasnt even in the game.  The media makes everything all about Tiger.  Tiger took a dump today, wow.  Sick of hearing about Tiger and his woes.  Rory spanked him along with the rest of the...
I know alot of this discussion probably comes down to personal feel/preference of a club.  I'm trying to see if there are any main differences between the AP2 and Razr X Forged.  To be honest I like them both.  I appear to be hitting the Razr a little more solid and it has a nice feel.  Any feedback on the two would help.  Thanks.
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