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I'm pretty sure Callaway is tightening their belts now with all the press lately.  They need to slim down a lot of their product lines in my opinion.  Just focus on making 3-4 really really good sticks.  I've yet to see one club other than the mb that is truly a beautiful club.  I really like Callaway too but they need to re group right now.
Nice.  I seriously would put a Quarter on the sweetspot, wrap some duct tape around it and let er rip. Probably crush the ball.
Will Titleist be changing the AP2 at all for 2013 or will it be the exact same club?  I know some manufacturers change the cosmetics sometimes.
Thanks for the reply.  Your setup looks nice.  Yeah I dunno.  I'm in the mkt for new irons and trying to do my research and for the life of me I cannot find one bad review of these clubs.  If anything, I see people reviewing other brands comparing them to these sticks.  Amazing. Have my radar on the new Ping Ansers that are coming out but I'm 99.9% sure I'm pulling the trigger on the AP2's.  Thanks again.
This is a great topic to post.  I just had this same conversation with my wife, telling her how my brother in law always "fluffs" the ball before a shot and how it drives me crazy that he'll take a "par" or bogey on a hole.  I personally don't care if a person I'm playing with does this unless theres a little wager on the line.  Old saying, "cheat in golf, cheat in life."  In the middle of summer, as you mentioned, unless your ball is really on a rock or bare spot I...
Is it me or is there not one bad review out there on the AP2's?
I was reading a great article online on the whole Ping assembly.  Appears they put all the clubs together in AZ which is refreshing.  Does Callaway, Titleist also put their clubs together here in the US or are they done overseas?  Curious.  Are the ping irons, woods, actually made and put together here in the US or do they manufacture overseas?
Gettin them too.....
Nice sticks. I'm in the mkt for new irons as well.  AP2's or new Ping Anser's are on my radar....
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