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Really?  All the reviews everyone seems to like them.  Who knows.  I need to get away from this computer and get out and play....
Anyone have any idea as to when a new AP2 might be coming out?
The new ones.  Delivery scheduled for mid august.  you can order them now.  I might actually pull the trigger and kick some life back into the economy....
Good point.  Just trying to understand why every other manufacturer out there is in that $800-1000 range for a good set of forged irons and now Ping throws out the $1500 price tag.  Just trying to look at this and say ok, what makes these irons $1500.
I'm trying to understand why they are $1500.  We're in a serious recession.  Going double dip and now they throw out a $1500 iron set.  Seriously?
Hey guys relax.  How do the AP2's stack up against the new Ping Ansers?  Any ideas?
I see Ping just came out with new Answer irons.  Being talked as a cross between i20 and AP2.  Probably impossible to ask if anyone out there has hit the new Ping's although my local shop says they are taking orders now for deliveries sometime in August.  $1500 is quite a stretch for a set of sticks but putting money aside, I'm very curious to see how these new clubs stack up against the AP2's and i20's.  Gorgeous looking as well.  Bling Bling.    
Anyone know when they might come out with a 2013 AP2?  Also, any thoughts on how the new Ping Answer's stack up against the AP2's, money aside.  They look beautiful.
God I dont even want to respond to this.  I'm looking at these clubs now and cant decide.  I cant answer your question but I think their beautiful clubs.
Showtime583 has it right.  Goto your local store and demo a bunch.  Putters are just so personal.  Its whatever feels right for you.  You could literally find a $5 putter at a garage sale that you really like.  Not to bash golf companies, brands, technology.  It just comes down to personal feel.  I will say my wife went to Golfsmith and demo'd some new putters and ended up with a new Odyssey and loves it.  Really loves her putter and its pretty funny (and cool) to watch....
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