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This is a good topic.  I'm in the market now for a new set of irons (I think).  I've been playing with Callaway X18's for what, 8-9 years now.  I got them when they first came out.  Just walked into a Golfsmith store, never got fitted and walked out with them.   To be honest, I like my clubs.  I've been playing pretty well lately.  Shooting in the mid to upper 80's consistently on various courses.  I've become a lot more serious about the game.  Looking to join a private...
I personally am going next week to be fitted for the AP2's.  Just beautiful clubs.  For me the feel, distance and overall "pop" i get with these clubs is amazing.  I've tried so many different irons from Callaway, Ping, etc.  They're all good in their own way.  I guess I'm just a traditionalist.  I love the way the club looks when your standing over the ball.  Mentally I think that is half the battle.
I'm not buying any of the adjustable drivers out there.  Period.  Call me a stiff.  I just think we go too far with all of the equipment tweaks.  You adjust the driver because your slicing the ball.  Ok.  You adjust it again because now your drawing the ball.  Ok.  Maybe we should just start back to fundamentals and look at our grip/hands and swing.  Maybe read through a good Hogan book and simplify it to figure it out.  If you're slicing, hooking, whatever, you have...
Yawn.  Just learn to the hit driver correctly and you dont need anything adjustable.
165 PW is awesome.  Nice.
Would you mind if I ask you what irons are in your bag now?  As I mentioned I'm currently using the X18's now.  Tried the Razr X Forged and was pretty much "wow'd" the first time I hit them.  Just a really solid, long hitting club with forgiveness.  The felt very similar to my X18's with a lot more workability and power.  I tried the i20's thinking they could be my new weapon but I just wasnt seeing that explosiveness I got from the Razr X Forged.  They were nice but not...
That one question was really bad.  Why did they even put it there?  Racist? Glad no one even checked that one.  Stupid and doesnt even belong in this forum.
Yeah thats kind of the feedback I've read here as well.  Thanks for the response.  I'm gonna pass.  Narrowed down to Callaway Rzr forged or the i20s.
Is it true that Ping only makes a limited supply of Answer irons?  I cant seem to find them anywhere to check out.  If anyone out there has a new set of these maybe a stupid question, how are they?  Can I goto my local shop and order a set?  I know theyre expensive.  I'm looking for a new set of sticks.  Coming off of X18's now. Thanks.
What would you say the obvious differences are?  I'd probably go with 4 iron up or maybe even 5 iron up and throw in 2 hybrids.  i20's personally I think look nicer than the Razr's but they have this very soft feel.  The Razr's I found really pop and the people I talk to who own them say they are a very forgiving forged iron set.  i20's I found everything to go very high.  Not in a bad way.  I dunno.  I need to line em up side by side and just crunch the 5 irons and...
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