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Hi David, I was responding to a McMullen's post about averaging the rating and slope from two 9 hole rounds at different courses. If you read the quote in my reply he says he is not looking for an official hc just to track his progress. I wasn't advocating either as an accurate way to keep a legitimate handicap... J
You're an interesting fellow....believe what you want. I believe you're kind of a jerk. 
Hey man, I'm just telling it like it happened. I don't care if you don't believe me. what would I have to gain from lying on some random forum?   Nice attitude btw.    Geez....
Hmmmm, I have a big grip and it actually helped me keep my pacing. I suppose you could try a shorter shaft, or choking up an inch or two. I sometimes do that for short puts. 
I played a round in the fall at my local muni track. I had a golden-lab headcover for my 3 wood. On the 7th tee, a coyote started approaching me. I grabbed the first club in my bag, the 3 wood, dropped the head cover and held it over my head to whack him if he tried any funny business.    We circled each other for a minute or two, at about 15' away. My heart was thumping. Then, he grabbed my golden lab head cover, and ran off! He was wrestiling with it on the ground,...
That sounds a bit complicated. Why not just double your 9 hole score? If you shot 41 on the front, just enter it as a 82 (for your own records, of course, not the official stuff). That way you don't have to mess about with averaging slopes and ratings and whatnot.    J
I've been using the AP2s for a while and like them a lot. However, I'm moving over to Mazuno MP 68 or 69. Those things are GORGEOUS! Hit them today and I gained a half a club in my mid irons and up, and I was landing them within 10'. I love the thin sole, they lie perfectly on the ground for me.    BTW, if you hit the ball on the clubface, blades are not as hard to hit as everyone seems to think. You feel the difference, no doubt, but a miss is a miss, whether...
I just tried a set of those. I was really excited before hand, but honestly I was really disappointed. They felt sooooo bland to me- like nothing was there. Some people say they're heavy but I think they're pretty normal for blades. I also lost a bit of distance and accuracy with them. I'm sure they're great for some folks, but they didn't fit me very well.    FYI I had been playing AP2s, and now I'm heading off to Mazuno land.    J
Hey man,   I totally agree- but you can reshaft it yourself and save a bunch of dough. But glad you found some better irons!   Do it yourself! I reshafted a set of irons last year and its pretty darn easy, and actually quite a bit of fun. You'll need:   Epoxy New Shafts (make sure the tip is the right size for your hosel) A hacksaw (to cut them to the proper length) 220 sandpaper to rough the tip up Drill (to clean out the old glue from the...
Well, I'd say my 18* hybrid is a 5 wood for all intents and purposes. Just a shallower back really...   My dad hits a 9 wood! HA!   J
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