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Hi, I am looking to upgrade to some more forgiving irons because my current ones don't fit the bill. Im battling some issues though..... -Im a highschooler, so I can't get fitted or ill grow out of my clubs quickly -Im on a budget, Its going to have to be on the cheaper side. -I am by no means a pro, I have played for a little over a year now. I was looking at the callaway X-22's and so on. But there is so much stuff its easy to get swamped by clubs. Hope you guys can...
Sometimes its the indian not the arrow.
I have the same problem. My HS Golf coach advised that I should bring it around my shoulder instead of above. Irons 5-Lob Wedge are my best suits. I can hit my 5 hybrid well though, which I don't understand why I can't hit a wood.
Heard good things about the Gamer V2.
With a desending blow, I'd think about trying a higher lofted club unless your hitting it at a fair height. Might help recover some distance.
Phil Mickleson and "The King" Arnold Palmer. Phil seems to have a great personality and a passion for the game. And Arnold had a huge passion for the game aswell.
When the foursome of teen golfers yell "in the hole" everytime you hit.
Its more fun when you hit birdies.
Now there going to raise the cost because your paying for golf and a "safari".
I say neither. Just becuase the top 1% can breeze though the course what about the 99%. Changing the courses or the balls makes it more difficult(at least for me) to find the course enjoyable. I know on PINGs website it tells how there should be different levels of balls for different handicaps. So its enjoyable for everyone and I agree.
New Posts  All Forums: