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83 front 40 back 43   par 72 rate 73.7 slope 139   Been on the mend now feom a high ankle sprain for over 4 months now and don't play near enough because of the pain it causes. Could have finally broke 80 in months bu played the last 3 holes 5 over and killed that.Only positive was I putted really well, only 1 three putt all day and that was from 75'.
Well he just passed 4000 hours and his index is now 7.3, I'll say the weather in the pacific northwest is certainly not the greatest yet and I do expect him to trend back down as the year progresses, it also shows his game is very susceptable to less than perfect conditions and to be fair whose isn't that doesn't have a + index anyways.He needs to break through a consistency barrier in wich hes not going to shoot any worse than a particular score 98% of the time, it's...
Something elastic would work best though right?
I think 84 because it was in a tournament that used the stableford system got 16 points though 1 eagle and 2 birdies.   rate 72.6 slope 135, this was my first full round since turning my ankle and getting what I believe is a high ankle sprain, it hurts to fully shift my weight to the outside of my left foot so I'm afaraid my index is on it's way up for a few months.
Your trying to figure out something not worth the effort, golf swings are suppossed to be repeatable in order to calculate distance, shot shape, trajectory, spin, the list goes on. You need consistent repeatability not wind up as far as you can and unleash all you got in a uncontrolled,unreliable manner.
Despite having a low index I'm a real newb when it comes to all the latest equipment specs and such, I have co workers that are high cappers that are absolute almanacs when it comes to what the latest new advancement or breakthrough in golf clubs there is, it really is an awkward discussion cause they know I just wipe them out everytime on the course with my mix and match set and they just don't seem to ever understand you have to swing the darn clubs right in order to...
Bushnell v2 with slope, I have been playing over 25 years but now I wonder how I managed distaces before I had a laser. At first I just used the hell out of that thing even when I could tell the yardage by the course markers pretty easily, now I'm trying to use it less just for the sake of pace of play and also I don't want to lose the connection between seeing and feeling the right distance and club I need, I want to play in more tournaments this year and my laser isn't...
I don't know if he still does but Sandy Lyle used Moes style of swing some years back, just worth mentioning a former open and masters winner felt it was a worthwhile technique.
In my early twenties I asked my instructor how far did he think I could go he said "All the way". I didn't lack the confidence to feel the same way it was the desire to work that hard is what would have held me back.
Longer putts seem to be one of the downsides to these tall/anchored and belly putters.I recently purchased a belly putter also but I don't anchor it, I have been experimenting with a left elbow pointing towards the target type of technique that seems to get putts on line better than my standard 35" putter. Anyways I'll see how it goes this next season and add up the stats and see wich way I may wind up going.
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